How to set up a wireless router to access the Internet only by assigning computers

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The first is to maintain their own computer can be normal connection network, but also the normal Internet. Then open the browser, in the browser address bar to access the gateway address, pop up the following figure shown in the wireless router login interface. Enter the user name and password for the wireless router to enter the router management interface.

The wireless router gateway address in this article is, and the default is I have changed the wireless router default gateway.

After entering the control interface of the wireless router, locate the wireless MAC address filter on the left and click to see the right window as shown in the following image.

Check to see if MAC address filtering is turned on?

To illustrate, if the current wireless Internet access to the router is the best place to close first, because one open, immediately fell off the line. If it's wired, you don't have to worry about him.

Click to select "Allow valid in list" MAC address to access this wireless network

This means that only the following settings of the MAC network card address to log in, other wireless computers are unable to use the wireless router to access the network. Click to add a new entry when you have finished selecting it. Add a new Mac adapter address setting.

Click Add new entry, pop up the new page shown in the following image, add a new computer to this page, this MAC address is the MAC address of the wireless network card that needs to be networked. Description is optional, describe just let oneself know this MAC address is who, just convenient management. The state is set to take effect on the line, if it fails, the person's wireless connection can not be connected to the Internet without the line. After the setup is complete, you can save it directly.

Note: The above diagram format is not correct, because the router is different, the format of the Mac URL is not necessarily. You can look at him for example: the format written behind. So the D8-5D-4C-07-04-F2 format is wrong, it should be d8:5d:4c:07:04:f2. Otherwise, you can't even save it.

After setting up, be sure to see if the MAC address filtering is "turned on", and if it's not already turned on, it's useless. Also choose "Allow the MAC address in the list to access this wireless network", otherwise it will not work.

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