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Microsoft Word This software is very familiar to everyone, but there are many functions we do not use, including very practical. Today I'll tell you how to automatically generate a table of contents using Word. This is helpful for those who write books and write papers in Word.

Advantages: Using Word to automatically generate a table of contents based on the chapters of the article is quick, and reading find content is also very convenient, just hold down CTRL click on a section of the directory will jump directly to the page, more important is to facilitate future changes, because the article will inevitably be modified many times, add or subtract content. If the manual to the table of contents, the middle of the content of a change, the back page number to change is a very annoying thing. Should automatically generate the directory, you can arbitrarily modify the content of the article, and finally update the directory will be back to the corresponding page number.

Step: (The following is manipulated in WORD2003, and other versions of Word have a slightly different, but similar, difference). )

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1. In [format] select [Style and format]

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2. The right side of the "Style format" column, which is mainly used to the title 1, Heading 2, Heading 3. Apply Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 to the headings in each section of the article. For example: In the article "first chapter refrigeration Introduction" We need to use the Title 1 definition. and the "1.1 Refrigeration technology development history" is defined by Heading 2. If you have 1.1.1xxx then use the title 3来 to define it.

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3. Of course Heading 1, Heading 2, heading 3 attributes (such as font size, center, bold, etc.) can be modified by themselves. Modify method: Right click on "Heading 1" Select "Modify", will pop up modify menu, you can change according to own request.

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4. Each chapter of the article is defined separately by the title 1,2,3. Very convenient to define, just put the cursor to the "first chapter of Refrigeration Introduction", and then use the left mouse button to click on the right side of the title 1, the definition is good; the same method defines 1.1;1.1.1 by Heading 2, 3, and so on, chapter two, chapter Three is also defined until the end of the Full-text section.

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5. When all is well defined, we can generate a catalog. Move the cursor to the beginning of the article where you want to insert the table of contents, select [Insert]--[reference]--[Index and table of contents]

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6. Select the Second tab [table of Contents], and then click OK at the bottom right. It's OK.

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The diagram above is the automatically generated directory

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7. When you modify the content of the article, you need to update the table of contents, the method is: in the directory area, right click, select [Update Field]

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8. When you are elected [update domain], the selection box appears in the previous illustration, and the second Update entire table point is determined. It's OK.

Well, using Word to automatically generate a table of contents is roughly the same as what I mentioned above, have you learned?

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