How to set up automatic code hints for Android Studio

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When you use Eclipse, you can set it up so that no matter what letter you enter, you'll be prompted to code, in Android studio.

Settings, and is simpler than the eclipse settings. Of course if you feel that the code automatically prompts you to lower your code level, you can also not set the code in writing

In the process, if you forget for a moment, you can use the code prompt shortcut keys. What are the shortcut keys for Android Studio code hints? Read this article:

Code hints for "Android Studio shortcuts"

Next, how to set the code auto prompt,

The content of the picture is more, I directly by the region divided into 6 block area to say it:

Zone 1: This option is about how to make a match when prompted, that is, what conditions to search for the content to be prompted.

Choose this, meaning is to match the character you entered, the characters can be fully matched to display in the hint list, such as, in fact, the equivalent of accurate search:

First letter: If you don't want to be so troublesome, then do not have to worry about the three items in the end, directly choose All, anyway this piece is a hint of the way to match, do not care.

Area 2: This area is actually related to code prompt shortcut keys, meaning that I did not set the popup automatic prompt box, when you enter the content, this time you press the code prompt shortcut key, if the match to the hint content only one, then whether to auto-complete.

Zone 3: This is about the automatic code hint list of the collation, sorting there are two ways, lexical and relevance, you point in the lower right corner of π can be selected in the order of sorting, do not care about it, the personal feel very useful.

Area 4: This option is a very important option, meaning whether the popup code auto-completion prompt box, in fact, is the core of this article, set the code automatically prompt just put this tick on the good. The second option: Insert selected...ect. This option means that if you select an item in the hint list and then use the SPACEBAR, or the dot (.) key can be completed directly (in fact, it is the other keys when the carriage return, press, after the direct completion of your selected code)

Zone 5: This is whether the value automatically pops up the document about the completion of your selection, which is straightforward, a description of the complete code you selected, such as a description of the parameter, a description of the completion code function. But I did not check out, I do not know whether it is not my problem, but it is also estimated that Android studio bug. Since using as so far, it has been found that many options are ineffective.

Zone 6: This area is about the name of the method in the pop-up box or the parameter return value some of the definition of display, but this personal feeling is also a bug, choose the same as not selected effect. Don't care.

How to set up automatic code hints for Android Studio

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