How to set up MAC address filtering

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MAC address is the only network identification of each hardware device, where the MAC address that needs to be filled in is the MAC address of your PC network card or wireless network card. With the Windows XP operating system as an example, you can view the MAC address of your PC by following these steps. Click "Start"  "Run", typing cmd, then click "OK".

In the MS-DOS interface that pops up below, enter the command Ipconfig/all and return.

Back to the router configuration interface, to find the Mac filter rule, select "Turn on Mac filtering, allow the computer on the list to access the network", add the MAC addresses of each PC you want to connect to DIR-605, add 25 items, and then click Save Settings to make it effective. When this feature is configured, PCs that do not appear in the MAC filtering rule are not connected to the DIR-605 properly.


So how do you connect to the top of a wireless network that hides the SSID, and here's a demo of the WinXP system for example.

We've just set up a wireless network with the SSID as TESTWPA, but it hides its SSID, so we can't search for it when we use XP "view available wireless networks."

When you click on "Change advanced Settings", the Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog box appears, where we manually set up a wireless network so we can connect to the DIR-605. Click "Add" as shown in the following figure.

(1) in the Network Name (SSID): Fill in our set in the DIR-605 SSID------TESTWPA;

(2) Wireless network key: network authentication select WPA2-PSK; Data encryption select AES; then fill in the wireless network key set up on the router and confirm it.

Finally click OK.

In addition, look at the Validation tab to ensure that IEEE 802.1x authentication to enable this network is not checked.

Once you have completed the above, you will find that you see the network TESTWPA that we have just established in the Wireless network connection properties------preferred network.

Click OK again and make sure that your wireless network connection automatically gets the IP, when the wireless network is automatically connected to the DIR-605.

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