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Many users want to modify the graphics card Control Panel settings to improve the performance of the graphics card, but when you see a professional terminology, it is prohibitive. Let me tell you today how to set up the Nvidia graphics Control Panel.

I won't tell you what to do with the drive.

Let me take my own example. First system diagram:

Right on the desktop, click on the Nvidia Control Panel, see the figure below (manual shutdown of the 3D display, so most users can also see a 3D display option)

Since gtx260+ is basically not playing a very card game at this resolution (except Crysis and some RTS games), it is set to the highest quality.

This can be forced to set the screen quality of the game, all is the highest.

In particular, the smooth processing of several items, the maximum number of pre rendering frames by the CPU, the CPU is very strong users can consider setting to more than 5.

Some other options:

Options for PHYSX:

Here to adjust according to their own monitors, I use the T220 can also, do not have to tune anything.

T220 with zoom, the display with no zoom option "Use NVIDIA zoom feature", so the game will not stretch.

Default settings.

It's best not to move.

Emphasis: The general monitor will adjust the dynamic range to 0-255, if it is to connect the TV, use 16-235.

These two items can have almost the same color as a card, but will be somewhat distorted and unclear.

This is the explanation for each of the options in the drive, and a driver doesn't seem to have it, does it? It's useful for regular players like me.

This is also based on the situation of their own monitor adjustment.

If the video card is not good so set it (how to set or according to their own needs)

Don't say much, adjust on demand.

Some other:

In the end, you can adjust your situation.

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