How to Set up the asterisk environment on the Linux platform

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On the Linux platform, the asterisk environment is set up. 1. First, before setting up the asterisk environment, check whether the following reliable asterisk installation package exists in the Linux pilot test:

GCC -- libpri, zaptel, asterisk
Gcc-C ++ -- Asterisk
Zaptel is the installation package for meeting timing. We can skip the installation process.
Note: Most of the installation packages required above are on the Linux installation CD, therefore, you do not need to download it separately. (libtermcap-devel, kernel-devel, and unixodbc-deve can be downloaded on without the installation disk of Fedora 9 ).

2. Steps for installing asterisk:

1) decompress the asterisk package under/usr/src.

Tar zxvf asterisk-

2) install Asterisk

CD, USR, SRC, and asterisk-
Make install
Make Samples
Make progdocs

3. Set up the SIP Environment

Simple configuration of the SIP environment: (all configuration files are in the/etc/asterisk directory, and the configuration elsewhere is invalid) sip. conf
Allowoverlap = No
Bindport = 5060
Bindaddr =
Srvlookup = Yes
Qualify = Yes
Context = test
Type = friend
Secret = test
Host = dynamic
Type = friend
Secret = test
Host = dynamic
Extensions. conf
Add at the end of the document:
Exten => 1001, dial (Sip)
Exten => 1002, 1, dial (Sip)

Now the SIP environment under astersik is set up, and the astersik is restarted.

4. Client configuration (X-lite)

Menu-> system settings-> sip proxy-> default
Enable: Yes
Display name: 1001
Username: 1001
Authorization User: 1001
Password: Test
Domain/realm: xx. xx; asterisk server address
SIP Proxy: xx. xx; astersk server address

Note: We recommend that you use the default option. If you use other options, the option may be unavailable.

5. astersk Management

Log on to the astersk server running Console: astersk-crvvv
View logon User: SIP shwo peers
View detailed records: SIP show peer 1001
Reload the dialing scheme: dialplan reload
Reload the SIP scheme: SIP reload

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