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Port mapping is also called Port forwarding, and some are called NAT, virtual server. Port mapping process just like your home in a Community B building room 2410, your friends to find you, to find the community doorway, do not know where you live which number? asked the gatekeeper security, the security guard very politely told him your house number, so your friend easily found your home. This process is the external network access to the intranet through the image of the port map. The current network access is mainly 2 kinds: 1 ADSL connect the cat directly connected to the host, this situation is direct ADSL broadband dial-up, connected to the Internet through the operation of the CMD Executive Ipconfig/all command can be seen, PPP dial-up connection obtained is a public network IP address, This type of network is not required to do port mapping (Figure 1)

2 ADSL through the router to dial, the host through the router to share the Internet, in this case the host acquisition is usually a 192.168.x.x type of private (LAN) intranet IP address, as shown in Figure 2:

Intranet ip: is a Web server, Tp-link series routers default management address for, account admin Password Admin Login to the router's management interface, click on the router's forwarding rules-Virtual server- Add a new entry, as shown in Figure 3:


Port mapping settings are as follows: The service port number fills in 80, if fills in 80-82 to represent maps 80, 81, 82 ports, the IP address fills in intranet Web server's IP address, the protocol is set to TCP, If you are not aware of the Port protocol type, you can set the selection to all, represent all (including TCP and UDP), and the status must be set to take effect.

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