How to set up the switch in WIN8 system

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1, my home with this is a small switch, only a few interfaces, the home is enough, and other switch settings are the same as this, first look at the picture below: The back is the network cable slot;

2, this is the side of the switch, usually the power cord interface, of course, the different switches may have a slightly different location, but generally in the side.

3, this is the front, mainly switches, and so on, and so on, you can determine whether your network cable successfully connected.

4, below we start to set up the switch. The power cord connection in the following figure is successful. After the power connection is successful, there is usually a light on the Pope and the front.

5, Next we bar cable Connection, first of all, the external broadband cable to the switch to one of the interface, and then connect the switch with a network cable and your computer, the connection process, you can view the front of the light, if the flash indicates that the connection succeeded.

6, parsing we need to set up a host, the IP address fixed, such as the following figure

7, if you set up a computer IP as above, then the other computer IP should also be set in the same network segment, that is to set the 192.169.0.* (* number represents any 255 below the number. After setting up, let's test the success, open the Run input "cmd" and ping the command to see if the connection is successful.

8, Next, we go back to the host, that is, this computer, click on the network connection in the broadband connection, right click---attributes---advanced. Then, set up a shared network. When set up, a "shared" three word will appear after the broadband connection, as shown below. That's it.

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