How to set up the volume of Samsung mobile phone calls

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When we call outside or in a noisy place, may turn the volume to the maximum, also can not hear each other's voice, there may be several reasons, such as the other microphone or their own handset has problems, such as the current signal state is not very good, however, anyway, the voice of the handset is small, This also directly affects the quality of the call.

and Samsung mobile phone volume is small, and in the handset volume to the maximum or feel the volume is small, you can open the "super volume" function, so that can make the call volume further improve, so that the call more understand.

To turn on the extra volume, follow these steps:

First step

On the standby page, click on the "mobile" icon.

Second Step

Click the "Menu" button and select "Call setting".

Third Step

Check "loud call volume".

After the completion of the above operation, click on the call "super loud volume" can be.

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