How to sign a consulting project agreement?

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Consultant's Project Research Diagnosis Report if the company is approved by the head of the enterprise, and the consultant himself also believes that he has the ability to solve the problems of the enterprise, and is willing to work with the staff to establish a standardized management system, the two sides can discuss cooperation matters.
In particular, the main steps for signing the consultation project cooperation Agreement are as follows:
First, the project introduction, to reach a consensus
Most of the business leaders do not understand the consulting project, especially the complexity of the construction of enterprise standardized management system and the long-term lack of cognition, the way of the project, the input of the enterprise, the cooperation of the staff is not very understanding, therefore, the consultant must write in advance the "XX Enterprise standardized management System construction project plan book" Draft and a draft of the implementation Gantt Chart of the construction project of a standardized management system for a certain enterprise. And in the meeting to the head of the enterprise and the core backbone of the project in detail to solve the problem, the way, design, implementation steps, the need for time, need to cooperate with the requirements of personnel qualifications, the number of personnel. Finally, the Gantt Chart is the visual display of project tasks, achieve the purpose or completion form, the responsible person, the collaborators, the completion of the time and so on. Let the enterprise staff ask questions, the consultant on-site answer. If necessary, introduce the experience and implementation effect of similar enterprises or similar projects, and strengthen the confidence of the enterprise employees.
Second, provide basic quotation, enterprise discussion
A responsible and mature consulting firm, there is a price on the consulting prices, that is, the basic price of project consulting. Such companies do not allow consultants to quote freely, neither to win the project down prices, nor to everytime, wild speculations. The so-called basic price, is the consulting company different experts different projects of the standard quotation. Its content includes consulting project category, service Enterprise Scale (mainly sub-personnel size or output value scale), type of operation (diversification or single operation), project need time and corresponding quotation, so that different enterprises can estimate the general cost of the enterprise if they choose the consulting team or consultant, if it exceeds the budget , you can only choose to give up. The person responsible for the business should explain the reasons for giving up directly to the consulting expert, and don't let the consulting experts waste the waiting time. Only when the enterprise is determined to change and is willing to pay for external experts, then choose and Project Diagnostic experts (unified use of Project diagnostic experts or consulting diagnostic experts) to further negotiate.
III. provision of multi-election draft, Enterprise selection
Project diagnostic experts to have a keen ability to pre-judgment, once found that enterprises can not afford to pay the project costs, decisively quit, do not work hard! Only when the head of the enterprise has made a clear statement that he is willing to change, willing to cooperate, the draft Project cooperation plan. And for the company's financial strength and staff quality at least two kinds of cooperation programs, one is the expert team into the overall guidance of the enterprise, one is the individual guidance of expert advisors, the latter a special for the desire to change and lack of financial strength of the enterprise preparation. Of course, regardless of the proposal, the price should be in line with the expert level of market standards. The author's quotation principle is: no higher than the same level of expert prices, but must be better than others.
Negotiation should be a bargain, but for a market-scarce consultant, he doesn't like bargaining, he needs respect. Therefore, the enterprise leader is smart to propose their own price budget, let the consulting experts to make decisions. Once the cooperation is reached, the project diagnosis expert will become the teacher of the enterprise staff, the student and the teacher bargaining may harm the teacher's self-esteem, also can affect the teacher in the enterprise prestige. Ren is very smart, he asked the consulting team never bargain. Therefore, the project negotiation is preferably between the enterprise leader and the project diagnostic experts. If the business owner understands that "let the teacher decide", it lays a good foundation for the success of the project.
If the enterprise both want to ask for expert guidance, and no large budget, even experts a few days to the enterprise when the consultant's money can not afford to do?
This is good! situation, assiduous. Self-reliance is also possible. Buy experts books, CD-ROM, or online collection of experts published articles, organizational staff collective learning, collective discussion, transformation and use, encountered not understand the place, through the network way to the experts to consult boldly. As long as willing to study, do not spend money or spend a penny, the same can achieve enterprise management upgrade, self-build enterprise standardized management system.
Iv. negotiations between the two sides to sign the contract
God helps those who help themselves, but only helps. The company has limited funds, experts have limited time, and limited resources can only be used where it is most needed. Consulting cooperation is like a love, must both sides have feelings, unrequited love can not become dependents. It is best to love each other at first sight, mutual recognition, it must be you loved me, I love you, in order to combine, the project naturally.
If the two sides agree, the project cooperation Agreement can be signed.
Find the experts, to build a standardized management system, so that enterprises to get rid of the reliance on the boss, to get rid of the reliance on the capable, so that enterprises on the track of sustained and healthy development, spending a paltry millions of, value! That's what the bosses of the experts said.

How to sign a consulting project agreement?

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