How to solve the automatic restart of notebook computer

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the solution of automatic restart of notebook computer:

  First, most of the time the notebook computer automatic restart is the software to occupy a large memory, we can then reboot, and then click the "F8 key" into the selection menu, you can choose the last time the correct configuration restart the computer, so the computer will automatically enter the normal configuration.

Second, if everyone's laptop boot, immediately will automatically shut down or reboot, then this fault, is generally due to system file damage caused, you can in safe mode, drive reinstall attempt.

Third, if there is a blue screen situation, then everyone according to the blue screen display code, from the normal operating system copy system files, using U disk PE micro-system paste to "c:windowssystem32" system files can be completely.

Four, we use a notebook computer for a long time, the sudden operation of the automatic restart of the situation, there are some abnormal shutdown, this is due to the high temperature notebook computer, we recommend that you can buy a radiator base is better.

Five, our notebook computer in the absence of any adverse reaction suddenly shut down, this estimate is a laptop infected with malicious programs, resulting in a sudden shortage of system resources, or system files to modify and crash, there can be Trojan virus automatically shut down the system caused by the anti-virus can be as soon as possible.

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