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A friend asked me that I encountered such a problem when using eclipse -- an error was reported after eclipse imported the jquery package -- why did this problem occur? How can this problem be solved? The following is a small series of solutions for you. Let's take a look at the following content for all the explanations about how to solve jquery errors introduced by Eclipse. The specific content is as follows:

Step 1:

Remove JS verification from eclipse:

Choose windows> preference> Java Script> Validator> Errors/Warnings>

Enable Javascript Sematic validation;

Step 2:

Right-click the project and choose properties> Builders to remove the check box before JavaScript Validator. If JavaScript Validator is not found in Builders. Modify the following content in the. project file:

Find the project directory and delete the following parts of the. project file in the project directory:


Org. eclipse. wst. jsdt. core. javascriptValidator



And Org. eclipse. wst. jsdt. core. jsNature

Note: modifying the. project file may require you to restart eclipse, or close the project in eclipse, and then re-open the project.

Step 3:

Copy the js file to a certain place, and then delete the js file that reported the error from eclipse. The error disappears, and then copy the js file.

If it is not correct after the above steps, open the Problems view in Eclipse, select the relevant errors, and solve them as prompted.

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