How to solve the flash-back in the application of WIN8 system

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how to solve the flash-back in the application of WIN8 system

1. Use the combination shortcut key +r to open the Run window, enter "CMD" return in the Open Run window to confirm the Command prompt window open. As shown in the following figure

2. Enter the "NET user Administrator/active:no" carriage return in the Open Command Prompt window to confirm waiting for the command to execute successfully. As shown in the following figure

3. After waiting for the previous command to succeed, enter the "Sfc/scannow" return confirmation, patiently waiting for the command prompt window to detect the conflicting programs in the system. As shown in the following figure

WIN8 system applications do not run correctly

First, the compatibility mode to run the software

When the program is not running, if the software is normal in the Win7, then we have to consider the compatibility of the problem, we can try to windows7 compatibility mode to run.

Steps: Right click on the software shortcut icon to select "Properties", and then in the compatibility settings interface, choose to run the program in compatibility mode and select "Windows7", and then determine, and double-click to open it.

Second, as an administrator to run

It is obvious that Win8.1 and Win7 permission settings are still different, in the Win7 as long as the administrator account can basically run all the program, and in the win8.1 sometimes is not, then we can not open the software program with "as an administrator to run";

Action method:

Right-click on the software icon, and then select "Run as Administrator" in the menu for some programs that cannot be opened due to insufficient permissions.

Third, the installation of VC runtime and the. NET Framework

A lot of software operation needs VC + + Runtime support, then if you do not install in the win8.1, you can not run or error,. NET is not listed outside

Currently in the win8.1 system must install the running library has VC + + 2005 2008 2010 2012

The. NET version recommends that the. NET 3.5 version be installed at least.

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