How to solve the optical drive tray not in and out of warehouse

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If you encounter the CD-ROM tray can not go out of the warehouse how to solve it? The author in 2002 to let their 24x optical drive "Laid-off", bought a brand of 52x optical drive. It worked well for a while, but a few months later it suddenly found that the optical drive was not working properly. The symptom is: Before the failure occurred in a CD-ROM, but a long time can not display the contents of the disc, press any key does not work, present a false panic state; carefully listen to the CD drive in the rotation of the sound of the motor, press the pop-up button can not eject the tray.

There is no way to shut down the computer. Take a PIN, straighten the PIN, insert the emergency out hole on the optical drive panel, and eject the tray. Again the power into the disc, and the above fault occurred. As the optical drive has been the warranty period, there is no way, only to repair their own look!

According to the symptoms, the optical drive can not be out of storage, should be a hardware failure, may be the optical drive mechanical failure or control circuit problems.

To troubleshoot, only the optical drive is opened for repair. Remove the optical drive from the chassis, unscrew the four fixed screws on the back of the optical drive, and disconnect the optical drive. There are three motors in the optical drive, the middle one for the spindle motor, drive disc rotation; there is a stepper motor, the role is to make the laser head along the rail movement, the remaining one is to control the optical drive in and out of the warehouse motor. Because the CD-ROM can be recovered from the tray, it can be concluded that the motor is intact. Focus on the motor transmission mechanism, such as the tray and the motor on the plastic gears, etc., did not find broken teeth and wear places. Carefully think about it, whether or not the motor to go into the warehouse power, should be controlled by the optical drive. and the optical drive to know the working state of the tray, you must use a micro-switch and other equipment to detect, I think this should be similar to the VCD machine. If the test switch contact is bad or tray in and out of the warehouse can not touch the detection switch, that is, the switch can not guide or disconnect, may cause the CD-ROM can not detect the working state of the tray, so that the tray can not be normal telescopic. So, to find this switch, find it along the track of the tray, and finally find a small button switch on the rear of the optical drive. Use a multimeter to check the contact of this switch, found that the switch is pressed, occasionally to guide, the gap between the conduction and disconnect is very small, indicating that this switch contact is bad, it seems that the reason for the failure is this.

The cause of the failure was found, how can you solve it? In order to completely repair the fault, only the change of the micro switch. But this kind of micro-switch is not used much, the market is very few sell. Fortunately, as a "senior" computer enthusiasts, I still have a few CD-ROM "corpse". Remove a switch from a scrap 8x optical drive, replace the faulty one, and install the optical drive in the original order. Connect the power, power on, light the CD-ROM eject switch, tray smooth eject, put a CD, also fluent read out, so, troubleshooting.

If friends are experiencing a similar situation, it is recommended that you check the mechanical structure of the optical drive, perhaps a small switch can make the optical drive strike yo!

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