How to solve the problem of font ambiguity in Windows system

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now the use of high-resolution screen (more than 1080P) more and more small partners, in the enjoyment of more and more clear display effect, but also bring some problems in use, small series to solve all at once, these but with a high degree of myopia in exchange for experience.

If you are using a computer, feel the font in the menu bar is always very small, look hard, you can go directly to the control Panel, find the "show" item, the title bar, menu, message box, palette title, icon, tooltip font size directly adjust. The system defaults to the word 9th, as you normally face the display can see how large the size of the font, or which size is more appropriate to the current resolution, an experiment it! Before and after the adjustment at a glance!

But after this adjustment, the new problems will follow, the menu bar is large enough, but the height of the menu bar is fixed by the system, ugly explosion of wood there? But it's hard to be a small part of a registry enthusiast.

After win+r enter the regedit carriage return and enter the Registry Editor, navigate to the

Hkey_current_usercontrol Paneldesktopwindowmetrics

Find the string value named "Menuheight" open, you can see the "Numeric Data" defaults to "-285", by looking at the Microsoft technical documentation, we know that this value is calculated by the following formula:

Menuheight pixel value =-15x The value of the menu bar height.

In other words, the system default menu bar height is "19", want to increase the height of the menu bar as long as the conversion of the computer, small set it to "35", direct input "-525" (Restore the default only need to change the number to 285).

You can see the results of the changes after you log off the current user or restart. As to how many menu bar height corresponding to how many fonts, this still have to see a person's preferences, some people like the text up and down, some prefer the top bar, we recommend that you first adjust the font size before the "column height" changes (Windows 8/8.1 and 10 are applicable).

In addition, if you want to enlarge the font in the system globally, the scaling function of Windows can be said to be the most basic method (DPI zoom function), directly to the icon and font from 100% to 25% increments to 200% or so.

But sometimes the phenomenon of font ambiguity, alas, everything is afraid of this but. At this point is the dpi scaling problem, you need to set a higher DPI zoom level to resolve, the small series went to the Microsoft community to read the following solution:

Go to Registry Editor (said above) and navigate to

Hkey_current_usercontrol Paneldesktop

Find win8dpiscaling and modify the numeric data to 1.

Then continue to find the Logpixels key value on the right (if you do not create a new "DWORD (32-bit) value", named Logpixels) and change the logpixels to the percentage value you want to enlarge, you need to pay attention to hexadecimal and decimal conversions. In the registry, fill in the 16, and the resulting system will be converted to decimal.

If you want to enlarge to 140%, you should fill in "8C".

Simple column several commonly used proportions: 78=120%, 7d=125%, 8c=140%, 96=150%, a0=160%, as for the other, everybody calculates it!

Then log off the current account or reboot the computer to see the effect.

If the Third Party program window font display blur, you can right-click the program icon, select "Properties", click "Compatibility", check "high DPI settings to disable Display Zoom", can generally solve this problem.

The above method for you all feel trouble, well, small weave can only sacrifice the big recruit of third party software. We directly search for download "Windows10 DPI FIX", adjust the appropriate scaling ratio, set to boot, you can perfect change Windows8 above the DPI, thoroughly solve the problem of font display ambiguity.

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