How to solve the problem of computer motherboard crash

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How to solve the problem of computer motherboard crash

Motherboard is the key part of the computer, once the failure will make the performance of the machine is affected, or even normal use. According to the fault phenomenon, quickly find the cause of the problem, put forward the correct solution is to eliminate the motherboard failure of an effective way. Then our computer board failure caused the crash, what should we do? The following is a small series of learning for you to introduce the computer board failure after the crash solution!

The cause of computer motherboard failure and the solution:

Malfunction: The computer frequently freezes the original is North Bridge chip heat dissipation bad

Failure phenomenon: A computer in use, the recent occurrence of frequent crashes. Initially thought to be infected with the virus, after the killing did not find any virus. It is also believed that the hard disk is too fragmented, causing the system to be unstable. However, the problem is still unresolved after defragmenting the hard disk. Unfortunately, the format of the system disk, reinstall the system, but the problem is still unresolved, seriously affecting the day-to-day work.

Failure Analysis: After the installation of the system failure did not rule out, it seems that the hardware appears to be a problem. Just beginning to suspect a memory failure. However, the failure remains unresolved after replacing the memory strips. So where does the problem come from? By careful analysis, the motherboard is most likely to fail, since memory is not a problem.

So using the substitution method, replace the motherboard, turn on the computer to test, the failure disappeared, it appears that the root cause of the problem appears on this motherboard. This is a motley 865PE chipset motherboard, the main board of materials used to work quite generally.

Careful inspection, found that the motherboard on the capacitor and no breakdown of the phenomenon, the entire PCB board also did not leave traces of burning, so in the end is the motherboard which part of the problem. The motherboard is then again cleaned and then mounted again into the computer to access various devices. After the start of the last half of the phenomenon of the crash, then hand touch the motherboard North Bridge chip on the heatsink, found very hot, it appears that the problem is the above.

So bought a fan with the radiator, after a toss, finally replaced, and will replace the North Bridge heatsink installed in the south-South chip. (A motley Motherboard South bridge chip completely exposed outside, did not install any heatsink.) )

After the beginning after a test, the fault completely ruled out, after careful analysis, just understand the cause of the failure. The original machine is in the winter match, the temperature is low and did not have much effect, then the problem will be exposed after the summer.

Failure Summary: This kind of problem, in general, will first consider the memory bar. However, due to the motherboard cache problems or the motherboard design heat dissipation is also prone to frequent panic phenomenon. The author on a brand 845PE motherboard has found that due to the motherboard cooling is not good enough to cause the failure.

After the crash, touch the CPU around the motherboard components, found that the temperature is very high and hot. After the replacement of high-power fan, the crash can be resolved. For cache problems, you can enter the CMOS Setup program, the cache will be prohibited after the smooth resolution of the problem, of course, the cache is prohibited after the speed that will certainly have an impact.

Failure phenomenon: There is a compatible machine assembled, using more than two years later, the machine suddenly failed to start. When the power switch is turned on, the power supply fan, the CPU fan is turned, but the optical drive, the hard drive is not reflected, and so on a few minutes after the machine can be powered up, starting after all normal.

Restarting is no problem, but once the power is turned off, it's going to take a few minutes like the one above. Beginning to think it is a power problem, the replacement after the failure remains. After replacing the motherboard, everything is OK, indicating that there is a problem with the motherboard. The board is a friend of the author, so let the author check to see if it can be repaired.

Failure analysis and elimination: From the failure analysis, the motherboard in addition to the electricity can work correctly, the motherboard chip is good, the problem may be in the motherboard power part. However, the power supply fan and the CPU fan can function properly, indicating that the total power supply is normal. Power after a few minutes of power operation, by smelling no smell, hand-touch power part of the electronic components (mainly capacitors, inductors, power supply regulator IC), found a few CPUs next to the capacitor, inductance temperature is extremely high.

It is known that electrolytic capacitors for a long time under high temperature work will cause electrolyte deterioration, and thus capacity will change. So the author's initial judgement is that these two capacitors have problems. Found the fault, so I immediately rushed to the electronic market to buy components. And carefully will be damaged under the capacitor welding, the new bought the capacitor back to the welding up.

Welding the capacitor, the author did not install the CPU, first add electricity test, try a few minutes, the temperature is normal. Then add the CPU, power, the screen immediately lit. So I tried a few more times and noticed the temperature of the capacitor. The temperature of the capacitor is normal, but from the power point brighter than the normal situation seems to be a few seconds, estimated that there are other capacitors have problems, so careful examination, found that a 4500μf capacitor also some deterioration.

In order to completely eliminate the problem, so ran to the market to buy back a similar type of capacitance, replace it up. Boot test, such a continuous machine for a few hours did not appear problems, to this even is repaired! A motherboard hundreds of yuan, and two capacitors only 2 yuan, so maintenance is quite valuable.

We need to remind you that we have to use our hands to handle all kinds of accessories when we troubleshoot. and electronic components are afraid of static electricity, so in contact with the motherboard on the capacitor components, must first thoroughly put away the static electricity, the most direct way is to wash hands or contact with the metal hand, conditional can be with anti-static wrist ring.

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