How to solve the problem of IE9 or IE8 startup slowing down

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Problem Symptom:

The time required to start IE9 is longer.


Microsoft believes that the most likely cause of this problem is the installation of some poor compatibility of IE plug-ins, or there are plug-ins damaged. Another possible reason is that users have installed adware/spyware filtering tools (such as Spybot) and activated the associated immune function.

 Solution Suggestion:

The first step is to start IE in "No Add-ins" to determine if the problem arises from the plug-in/add-in.

Enter Internet Explorer in the Start menu Search bar and click on a program shortcut with the word "no add-on" to start IE9.

If the speed is significantly higher when you start IE9 with no add-ins, the problem does occur on an installed add-in, we can try the method in step two to troubleshoot the problem add-in, and if the boot speed does not improve, skip to step three.

The second step, using the Administration Add-in tool, determines which add-in is causing the startup to slow down.

Start the IE9 in the normal way, click on the Gear Mount button in the upper right corner, and select "Manage Add-ins";

And then open the window and look for it. To the "Show" drop-down menu in the middle left, change it from the default currently loaded add-in to "all add-ins";

Next, select each item in the list on the right and disable all of them. Select and click on the lower right side of the "Disable" button;

When all is disabled, close and exit ie. Then start to troubleshoot the problematic add-on by starting with one item at a start.

Start IE9, open Manage Add-ins, enable the first item in all of the Add-ins list, and then turn off the restart IE. If the boot speed is normal, continue to enable the second add-in, close and restart IE9, and so on.

Note: When you find that enabling an add-in, IE9 startup slows down, don't rush to be happy, perhaps this is just one of them, the correct way is to temporarily disable the add-in again, continue to troubleshoot the remaining add-ins until all the check is complete.

After you find an add-in that finds an impact on IE9, disable or uninstall it, and if you need the add-in's functionality, you can try to access the program's official website to see if there is a new version or an official workaround.

Third step, reset Internet Explorer settings.

Sometimes, changing the IE settings also results in some performance problems, in which case you can resolve them by restoring the IE default settings.

Note: This operation also invalidates all installed plug-ins, add-ons, or toolbars, and must be reinstalled if you need them.

Click on the Gear icon (or press ALT, click the "Tools" menu) to choose "Internet Options", Switch to "advanced", click the "Reset" button below to restore the IE settings to the default state when the initial installation.

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