How to solve the problem that the e680i often has insufficient memory?

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After returning home for the Chinese New Year, I found that my mobile phone often prompts insufficient memory when changing the settings. I used a primary reset and it didn't work because/ezxlocal has used 100% of the space, I checked some information online and summarized a method:

1.compile A startup.txt file and put it in the/diska/preload directory. It is said that the file can also be stored in the root directory of the mmccard. However, the mmccard may be replaced, so it is not recommended to use it.

2. The file content is:

#! /Bin/bash
Mount -- bind/diska/ezxlocal
Sleep 8
Export qtdir =/usr/lib/ezx
Export ezx_res_font_path = $ qtdir/lib/Fonts

3. Copy the folder/ezxlocal to/diska/ezxlocal.

4. Restart the mobile phone


The above method requires you to be able to telnet to the mobile phone, which can be achieved through the flash. In addition, do not use Windows notepad to edit startup.txt, because press enter on Windows is different from that on Linux. Linux does not run this script successfully. You can use ultraedit or use Vim directly in Telnet. You can use Google to find Vim, people with an IQ of more than 80 should be able to find it.


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Http:// U =

E680i mobile phone embedded Linux Research -- An Heng Network Administrator Manual

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Http:// Nid = 49509

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