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Does your computer run slower and faster? If you can not find the reason why your computer is running slowly, how to solve the problem is good, tell you, may be the problem of memory, the following to introduce a few ways to speed up the computer memory speed of a good way.

  1. Adjust the size of the cache area. the so-called cache, refers to the system to read the disk, the data on the disc, take the "pre-read" technology, that is, the estimated data will be read in advance to the memory of the buffer cache, so that the CPU in the cache to read data faster, thus increasing the speed of the operation. Setting up a cache memory in RAM can significantly speed up the reading of data. Windows can automatically set the size of the cache based on the size of the memory, and, of course, users can set the cache size in memory to optimize memory usage, depending on their memory usage. The method is as follows:

On the desktop with the mouse right click on "My Computer"; Click Properties in the pop-up menu, click the Performance tab in the pop-up window, click the File System button below, click the Hard Disk tab, drag the read-only tuning lever to set the prefetch condition, and in the main purpose of the computer Column to set the ratio of the system to use the cache, if the system has more memory, you can choose "Network Server", so that the system will use more memory as the cache; in the CD-ROM tab, you can directly adjust how much memory the system uses as CD-XVIII) ROM CD ROM read-write cache, note The best way to access is to select four times times or faster so that the system sets the size of the cache depending on the situation, or you can adjust the buffer bar in the Append cache size bar, XXII, to append the cache.

  2. Monitor memory. no matter how big the memory of the system is, will always run out, although there is virtual memory, but because the hard drive can not read and write speed compared to the speed of memory, the large, frequent use of virtual memory will make the computer operation becomes unbearable, so when using memory, always monitor the use of memory. A System Monitor is available in the Windows operating system to monitor memory usage. There is also a simple way, in any File window, select the "Help/About Windows" menu, in the open window can see the current memory usage, generally if only 60% of the memory resources available, then you should pay attention to adjust the memory, Otherwise it will seriously affect your running speed and system performance.

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