How to split and freeze cells in Excel

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One, split cell

To view the front and back relationships of each data, you can split the worksheet into 2 or 4 separate cells by splitting the worksheet window to view data from different locations in a separate cell.

There are two ways to split cells, respectively, by using menu commands to split and by dragging tags, as follows.

Method One, split by menu command

Select the Split center cell, click the Split button in the View Tab window group to split the window into 4 separate cells, as shown in the figure, and then click the button again to cancel the split of the worksheet window.

Method Two, split by dragging the tag

Move the mouse cursor over the mark at the top of the vertical scroll bar or at the right end of the horizontal scroll bar, and hold down the left mouse button when it becomes a different shape and drag to split the window into the upper, the next two, or left and right two cells,. When you split the tag back to its original position, you can cancel the split, as shown in the figure.

Second, frozen cell

When you freeze the row or column in which the cell is made, the user can view the rest of the worksheet without moving the row or column where the header is located, so that the data at the end of the table is convenient for users to see, as follows:

Click the View tab, click the Freeze Window button in the Windows group, and then select the desired freezing mode in the Drop-down list that pops up, as shown in the figure.

There are mainly three ways to freeze cells.

How to freeze split cells: divides the window into 4 parts by the border between the left and top of the center cell, and when you drag the Wrigglings bar to view the data in the worksheet, the row and column positions on the left and top of the center cell are unchanged.

Mode one, freeze first row of cells: freeze the first row of the work yuan, and keep the first row of the worksheet unchanged when you view the data in the worksheet vertically.

Way three, frozen single fuhrer column: Freezes the first column of a worksheet, and keeps the first column of the worksheet unchanged when you scroll through the data on the worksheet horizontally. To cancel a window freeze, click the Freeze Window button again and select the unfreeze Window command from the pop-up drop-down menu.

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