How to stay clear when the picture shrinks

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This problem is mainly aimed at the problems caused by PS software thumbnail, and how to keep the particle feeling of the film while shrinking.

Everyone should have encountered similar problems-the original quality is very high, 100% of the time the details are vivid, but want to put online communication, shrinking later found that the quality of the picture mediocre, no spirit. This is because the image shrinks when the algorithm causes a drop in the micro-contrast.

So the picture has to be sharpened to solve the problem. Sharpening is essentially a kind of HDR, a contrast enhancement, so excessive sharpening will cause saturation drop, contour groove and so on. Natural sharpening, should be to avoid the sharp contour, but only sharpening the details, so that looks more pleasing.

I usually use PS inside the "two cubic cube (suitable for smooth gradient)" This algorithm first to compress the image size, then with "intelligent sharpening", after many tests found that if the picture size of 800 or so, then the intelligent sharpening radius of 0.3 is a relatively perfect selection point, and then sharpen the number of general in 30~ Wandering around 50. In the number of around 30, may not feel any change, but the picture is really more clear, suitable for the body portrait and tree branches/dense leaves, and about 40 suitable for the bust portrait and fabric fabrics, 50 for the humanities, King and other. Of course, these are not necessarily, according to the picture itself to set.

Why not use PS inside ready-made "two cubic more sharp"? That sharpening is too serious, unnatural. Sharpen the operation must be cautious, the transition will ditch edge, resulting in the loss of three-dimensional and level. Better not have it! The following figure is an example of a thumbnail comparison. k20d+ Foran da 135f4dkl

PS Direct Smooth shrink after tutorial:

After intelligent sharpening, the radius of 0.3, the number of 50 after:

When is it absolutely impossible to sharpen?

You can't sharpen the lens while it is running. A slight run of Coke, for example, the final eye without the hair behind the clear, then can not sharpen, otherwise will only be distracting. If you don't sharpen, you come naturally. Category:

    • PS Image Processing
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