How to strengthen the laptop WiFi signal

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1, the use of equipment support the highest speed setting

Enter the router Setup interface and set the WiFi parameters. Set the speed of the wireless network to the maximum speed of the network device support, that is, if the device support 802.11N is set to 802.11N, if the support 802.11G is set to 802.11G, as far as possible not set to 802.11g+a/b this form.

2, set up MIMO enhanced mode

If the wireless router supports MIMO enhanced mode, also check this option in the settings interface, and then set the "bandwidth" to "20/40mhz" (select the highest setting). However, not all MIMO-enabled routers have this option, if you do not see this option, set the bandwidth is good.

3. Enable QoS control

If you see 802.11e/***qos this option, you can consider enabling it. In the LAN, if the students download, use PPS to watch network TV friends, using Peer-to-peer program students too much, even if the signal is good, download, Internet will also be very card, enable QoS control will be much better.

4, Management notebook wireless network card

Now many notebooks are 802.11N wireless network card, with 802.11N wireless router can theoretically reach 300M speed, but sometimes the network card needs to be set up. Right-click on the Start menu on the computer and select Manage. If it is XP, you can right-click on the desktop "My Computer" and choose "Manage".

5, check the 802.11N is enabled

Locate the Device Manager in the Admin interface and locate the wireless card. Check the Advanced tab in the properties to see if the 802.11N mode is already set to Enabled. Also, set throughput enhancement to Enabled, and set the channel to "automatic" or set values for the highest values.

PostScript: It should be noted that the wireless network card to match with the wireless router to achieve the best results, such as 802.11N network card needs to match the 802.11N router to maximize the effect. Incidentally, there is also a 128M super-g specifications, in the old network card and router may encounter, this specification is relatively pick, in addition to routers and network cards support this specification, but also recommended that wireless routers and network cards are a brand of products.

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