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High IQ is not necessarily accompanied by comprehensive thinking skills. High IQ is often confined to the narrow confines of scholarship. In our everyday language, there is the difference between wisdom and intelligence: intelligence is a high IQ, and wisdom is the skill of thinking.
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Train the child's mind

Often hear parents and teachers evaluation of children, said some clever, quick reaction, some slow, the problem a little deformation, will not solve, some language expression is not clear, East one, west a sentence, not organized, and some talk, tell stories are in good order. These are the evaluation of the level of children's thinking.
The mark of Good thinking level is:
1. Consider the problem from many aspects;
2. When thinking, see the internal relations between things;
3. Good at independent thinking, not parrot;
4. Think Fast;
5. The method of thinking is unique;
So, how to train children to form good habits of thinking?

There is such a joke. A beginner English student, in the classroom, the teacher asked him: "What is your mane?" (What's your name) "He replied: No (No)", the teacher asked again: Your name is No? (Your name is "no"), he replied: "Yes." "The result was a whole class laughing. The premise that the thought is organized is the understanding of knowledge.
So, we want to be methodical in our thinking, we have to ask ourselves a few more questions, and we need to find out the sequence of things. For example, "Winter and snow, when does the Swallow fly south?" What is the relationship between the trapezoid, the parallelogram, and the square? "When studying ancient poetry, we should also analyze the meaning of it and the relationship between things." For example, ancient poetry "as far as the ridge side into the peak, the height and distance are different, do not know the truth, only the body in this mountain." "It is because the author is in this mountain that the description sees different views of Lushan from different angles." There is also the implication of such a truth, "lookers-on, the spectators."
Here are some ways to learn to think:
The way of thinking is various, but because the child's thinking level is mostly in the visual image stage, should learn some suitable for their age characteristics of the method.
1. Abstraction and generalization.
Abstract and generalization is a method of analyzing a class of things and summarizing the main features.
The abstract and generalization of students in low and middle grades in primary schools is usually carried out by means of physical and visual images.
When we started to learn numbers, we were aware of the number of concrete objects (such as apples, candy bars, bamboo sticks) (an apple, two pieces of sugar, three small bamboo sticks on the basis of gradually put aside the physical, abstract out the number "1,2,3,4, ...", but also to understand that "1,2,3,4, ..." is a symbol of the number of things. This is the intuitive abstraction, generalization.
To the high grade, language level has a certain development, can understand the meaning of words, symbols, at this time, to use these words, symbols, images, help us to carry out abstract generalization. For example, in geometry to learn the essentials of "angle", we should analyze the composition of the "angle" of the various characteristics, it is the abstract process that distinguishes the essential features-shape, position, angle, etc.-from the endpoints and rays of the essential features, and extracts the intrinsic characteristics, and then draws the concept of the "angle" by connecting the essential features of the defects: A corner is a plane of two rays drawn from an endpoint. "This is the general process. By training this way, we can improve our abstraction and generalization level.
2. Learn to classify.
Classification is also a very important way of thinking. Classify things that have some of the same characteristics into one class. This helps us to master a certain kind of thing from the whole.
When classifying, you need to be clear about different classification criteria and different classes. such as triangles, if the edge is equal to be divided into:
Equilateral, not equilateral
If the size of the angle can be divided into:
Acute triangle, obtuse, right-angled triangle
Because of the visible, the classification criterion is the premise.
After determining the criteria for classification, you begin to categorize things. If you think of everything in every category, such as insects, such as the whole thing, such as the insects will fly and not flying points, then flying insects in this category include flies, Mantis, bees, dragonflies, flying ants, there are cicadas, grasshoppers ... Wait Of course, the classification can be comprehensive, and the level of knowledge related to us. We should give full play to our imagination on the basis of our own knowledge.
3. Induction and analogy
Little Gauss in the calculation teacher out of the problem 1+2+3+......+98+99+100=? , the inductive method was used, and he did so:
Total 50 Items: 101x50=5050
By adopting this inductive method, the problem can be easily solved.
The key to grasping things in induction. For example, from men, women, adults, children, whites, blacks, they all belong to people. From automobiles, trains, bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles, etc. summed up the concept of "car". These are all used to induce the method.

Analogy is something that is reminiscent of a certain feature of a thing and is compared. For example, birds and airplanes, they can fly, from triangular to quadrilateral, from a straight line to the plane, etc., analogy is an important way to create inventions. Many inventions and creations are accomplished by analogy.
For example, the Bionics developed in the 60 's, is based on analogical inference. The invention of the radio submarine was obtained from the Flight of birds, the ups and downs of fish, and the analogy of association and analogy.
If we are good at applying analogies and generalizations, we may also be the innovators of the 21st century.
In addition, analysis and synthesis, deduction and reasoning is also an important way of thinking, here is no longer said.

So how do you think about the whole thing?
Think of a concept that should be linked to other concepts. To do a math problem, to consider its connection with other knowledge, as well as other solutions, you should also change the title of the type, to explore its solution. That is, the learning of things, linked into the net, learn to use the whole method of thinking.
Learn an article, to find the key words, central meaning, the title of the article on the overall play to "the finishing touches" of the role, do not ignore the title of the understanding.
For example, after a chapter in mathematics, find out the chapter, all the formulas, properties and theorems of the section, and then connect these formulas, properties and so on to find out the main or critical place.
Composition outline and abbreviation, are training the whole way of thinking, we through thinking processing, to express the meaning of a compendium or short statement, this is actually in the exercise of the whole article you want to say the meaning of the ability.
Learn to Reason
Reasoning is the process of deriving conclusions based on known conditions, through the processing of thought.
For example, the eye than the noisy big, noisy than mingming, then we can draw clear clear than mingming, this is reasoning.
There are a variety of reasoning methods, which are described briefly below:
1. Judged by the inclusion diagram.
For example, a circle is bigger than B circle, B Circle is bigger than C, then a circle is bigger than C circle. We can make use of graphical judgment.
We said in front of the eye-eye, noisy, obviously the children of age ratio belongs to this type.
Sometimes, you can also use the following graphic representation. All C is B, all B is a. Then the relationship between a, B, and C is shown in the following illustration. There is a relationship of inclusion between them.
There are many examples of such relationships. There is such a relationship between bunnies, rabbits and animals.
2. With the help of cross graph inference.
If it is the youth, the Chinese youth, the student these three, then how does the relationship express? We know that some students are young, some are teenagers and adults, some are Chinese, some are foreigners, and all Chinese youth are young. Based on this relationship, we can draw the following relationship.
3. Finding fault is also a way of thinking reasoning.
The author of the miserable world, the great writer of France Victor Hugo, once traveled abroad to the border of a country. The military police to check the registration, asked him:
Name ”
"Hugo. ”
"What do you do?" ”
"Write something." ”
"What does it take to make a living? ”
Pen ”
The gendarmerie then wrote in the Register: "Name: Hugo." Occupation: Pen dealer. ”
Would you please judge if the diagnosis is correct? Where is the error?
Obviously, the above judgement is wrong, the gendarmerie's thinking process is this:
To make a living is the pen dealer, Hugo is a pen for a living, so, Hugo is the pen dealer.
The military police's erroneous thinking lies in the incomplete understanding of "making a living by pen". This sentence has two kinds of understanding: one refers to "the production or the sale of pen", one refers to "use pen him as a literary work and get the remuneration." And the military police in the first understanding of the Ming Yugo occupation, is obviously not the case of Hugo.
At ordinary times, we should be good at paying attention to many interesting and illogical error examples in newspapers and magazines. Analysis of the positions and loopholes in the argument, it is not long, our thinking logic will be significantly enhanced, reasoning ability will improve.

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