How to test a Web landing interface

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specific needs: There is a landing page, (if there are 2 textbox, a Submit button.) Please design more than 30 test case for this page.)

purpose of this question: whether the interviewer is familiar with various test methods, has extensive experience in web testing, is aware of web development, and the ability to design test case

The subject is still quite difficult, and it is difficult for the average person to answer the question well.

first of all, you need to understand the needs of users, such as the login interface should be pop-up, or directly inside the page. The length of the user name, and the strength of the password (that is, it is not necessary how many bits, case, special character mash) and so on. There are, for example, the user's appearance of the interface is not a special requirement? (That is, whether you want a UI test). The rest is design use cases, equivalence classes, boundary values and so on.
keep in mind that any test, regardless of what is measured, begins with understanding the requirements.

Functional Testing (function test)

0. Do not enter anything, click the Submit button to see the prompt message.

1. Enter the correct user name and password and click the Submit button to verify that you are logged in correctly.

2. Enter the wrong user name or password, verify that the login fails, and prompt for the appropriate error message.

3. Can I jump to the correct page after successful login?

4. User name and password, if too short or too long, what should be done

5. User name and password, with special characters (such as spaces), and other non-English cases

6. Remember the function of user name

7. The ability to log passwords after a failed login

8. Handling of spaces before and after user name and password

9. Whether the password is encrypted display (asterisk dots, etc.)

10. Involved in the verification code, but also to consider whether the distortion of the text is difficult to identify, consider the color (colour-blind users), refresh or change a button is useful

11. Registration on the login page, forgot password, log out with another account login and other links are correct

12. When you enter your password, you should have a message when the upper key is turned on.

interface testing (UI test)

1. Is the layout reasonable, 2 testbox and a button are aligned

2.testbox and the length of the button, whether the height of the composite requirements

3. Whether the design style of the interface is consistent with the design style of the UI

4. The text in the interface is simple and easy to understand, no typos.

Performance test (performance test)

1. Opening the login page takes a few seconds

2. After entering the correct username and password, login successfully jumps to the new page, no more than 5 seconds

Safety Testing (security test)

1. Whether the cookie generated after successful login is HttpOnly (otherwise it is easy to be hacked by script)

2. Whether the user name and password are sent to the Web server in an encrypted manner

3. Authentication of user names and passwords should be done with server-side authentication, not simply by using JavaScript on the client

4. User name and password input box, should block SQL injection attack

5. User name and password input box, should prohibit input script (prevent XSS attack)

6. Number of incorrect login limits (to prevent brute force)

7. Consider whether multiple users are supported to log on on the same machine;

8. Consider a user logging on on more than one machine

Usability Testing (usability test)

1. Whether you can use the keyboard to operate all, whether there are shortcut keys

2. Enter the user name, password and press ENTER, whether you can login

3. Whether the input box can be toggled with TAB key

Compatibility Testing (compatibility test)

1. The main browser can be displayed normal function (ie,6,7,8,9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

2. Whether different platforms work properly, such as Windows, Mac

3. Whether the mobile device is working properly, such as the iphone, Andriod

4. Different resolutions

Localization Testing (Localization test)

1. The display of the page is correct in different language environments.

Software-assisted testing (accessibility test)

Software accessibility testing refers to whether the test software provides adequate accessibility to disabled users

1. Can display normal under high contrast (people with poor eyesight)

How to test a Web landing interface

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