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Test speed is the most common and easiest to judge is to use some of the resources of the download software to download things to see how fast it downloads things k/s, to judge speed. The most accurate way is to use the Thunderbolt download software to download a few small resources to determine, if you download 3 to 4 mp3 songs, each MB (M) of the best bandwidth download theory is about 100K, such as broadband is 3M, then use the Thunderbolt best download speed can reach 300K or so per second.

Note: Thunderbolt download things are very war resources, only the use of very high bandwidth download software to maximize the mining network resources, while downloading things when it is best not to listen to network songs or online games or browsing the web, which will affect the accuracy of a certain degree. Of course, download software can also use Peer-to-peer and so on.

There are some simpler way is to use online speed test tools, such as direct search in Baidu "Speed test" will find some Baidu application, which also has a test speed function, such as computer test speed is as follows:

From this, we can find that the best speed is telecommunications, reached the 120k/s, the other is relatively low, because the network is 2M telecommunications broadband, so look at telecommunications is the most accurate, which can be seen faster than 100k, between 100k-200k, from this can also be seen that the speed is 2M.

Online testing the speed of the way there are many, such as the commonly used 360 security guards and other computer-commonly used software have to test the speed function.

Slow speed of the reason and the general solution:

Method 1, this machine runs the program to occupy the network bandwidth to make the internet slow, such as: online listening to songs (Cool dog), video movies (QVOD), download (using thunder, BT) and so on. It is recommended that you close the exit program to return to normal.

Method 2, the Internet peak time, the server response too much, can not normal fast connection. such as the evening speed relative to the morning to slow. It is recommended to stagger the Internet at peak hours.

Method 3, upgrade broadband, such as 1M up to 2M,ADSL upgrade to optical fiber access.

Method 4, this machine infected with virus Trojan, occupy network bandwidth. Suggest killing virus Trojan horse.

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