How to troubleshoot IE browser errors

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1, how to remove the right key to prohibit?

A: Press the right button in the page, the message prompts the window, do not release the right button (that is, continue to hold down the state), and then move the mouse pointer to the information prompt window

OK button, press the left button at the same time, then release the right mouse button, right-click menu pop-up, so you can view the Web page source files, copy text and pictures.

2, every time I browsed the Web site, although I have deleted the history, but the address bar will appear to browse the URL, how to delete?

A: Close ie, choose "Run" in the Windows Start menu, enter regedit to open the registry. Expand the Hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosftinternet exploretypedurls branch in turn. Right-click to delete the TypedURLs item.

 3, when surfing the internet, often appear "The current script error" hint, is my IE have a problem?

A: Scripting errors are generally the cause of the site itself, but it is recommended that you upgrade the IE version to the latest version as soon as possible.

  4, my IE can not open a new window, with the left mouse button click Hyperlink no response, and then in the right button menu to choose "Open in a new window" situation still, how to do?

A: In the Start menu, on the Run command line, enter: regsvr32 actxprxy.dll and enter, followed by an information dialog box "DllRegisterServer in Actxprxy.dll succeeded"; "OK" in the middle of the dialog box button; Restart Windows to see if the problem has been resolved?

  5, why I open some sites, often appear 404 Not found tips?

A: After surfing the internet, I encountered various connection errors while browsing some of the leather sites. This error is usually caused by a Web site failure or if you do not have permission to browse. The most common is the 404 Not Found error message. The main reason is that IE could not find the Web page file you requested, the file may not exist or have been moved elsewhere.

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