How to turn on hard drive AHCI mode under WinXP to improve running speed

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1, first of all, you want to download the WinXP system AHCI Drive, download extract AHCI driver, double-click the running "install.cmd" script executable file.

2, double-click the operation of this order, will pop up a command line interface. This process is extremely high speed, ordinary 1-2 seconds effect. After you wait for the window to automatically disappear, keep the content and documents you are working on, and then restart your computer.

3, in the Power-on self-test interface, continue to press the keyboard F2 hotkey into the BIOS configuration interface. Change the value of SATA mode under configuration to AHCI, and note that local models can be SATA Controller mode.

4, when modified AHCI form, at this time can press the keyboard F10 hot Key custody configuration, pick "YES" and return, will automatically restart the computer.

5, when the restart into the XP system desktop, will automatically pop up to find the New Hardware wizard. At this point, select the "No, temporarily not" option, click "Next" button. You can also click on the Undo button to directly install the IRST Intel High speed storage technology sequence.

6, select the "from the list or specified location device" option, click the "Next" button.

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