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In the past, we wanted to turn a PowerPoint presentation into a video file, maybe find some special format conversion software or screen video software, and in fact, the PowerPoint version 2010 itself provides the ability to convert a PowerPoint presentation into a Windows Media Video file (. wmv file). Let's look at how to achieve this.

As the Office version is updated, the "Save as" file type supported by PowerPoint software is increasing, so let's take a look at the changes in the type and number of "save files" supported by the PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010 version in the following comparison chart.

Diagram: A comparison of saved file types and quantities supported by the Powerpoint 2003/2007/2010 version

From the illustration above, we can see clearly that the PowerPoint 2010 version of the "Save as" file type is full of 26, with the Windows Media Video file option impressively in the column.

The steps to convert PowerPoint to video directly in PowerPoint 2010 are simple, but there are a lot of details to be aware of. Let's use an example to illustrate the following.

First, the basic steps to convert PPT to video in PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint 2010, open a PowerPoint presentation in the. pptx format, and click the orange "File" button in the upper-left corner of the PowerPoint interface.

Note: The file used to turn the video must be. pptx format, if not, first use Save As to convert the format.

Icon: Click the Orange "File" button in the upper left corner of the PowerPoint 2010 interface

In the pop-up menu, select Save As.

Diagram: Select Save As

Select Windows Media Video in the save type, and then click OK.

Diagram: Select "Windows Media Video" in the Save type

Now the PPT presentation is converted to a. wmv video file.

Graphics: ppt to video

We can use Windows Media Player to play this converted video file.

Diagram: Play a converted video in Windows Media player

Icon: The default is approximately 5 seconds to change one page

Diagram: Playback of PowerPoint-converted video in Windows Media player

The steps to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a video are simple, but there are often problems with sound, and we collect some relevant questions and solutions for your reference.

Ii. sound issues and solutions for translating PPT into video in PowerPoint 2010

The steps to convert a PowerPoint presentation to video are simple, but there are often problems with sound, and we collect some related questions and solutions for your reference.

Problem one: prompt when converting WMV "Some of the media in this presentation is not included in this video ...", the converted WMV video file is silent.

Resolve: Select the Ribbon toolbar Animation-Animation pane, double-click the sound file in the animation pane, select audio Settings, check whether each inserted sound file is displayed as "file: [included in presentation]", and if the file path is displayed, no sound after the turn.

Reinsert the audio files in the PowerPoint2010.

Click the Toolbar Animation-Animation pane, double-click the sound file in the animation pane, and select audio settings

Question two: In the switch mode inserted in the background music, such as voice, turned into WMV video file silent.

WORKAROUND: Insert the background music by inserting the sound directly, and set the music to "play across slides."

Question three: For an object to set up a strong voice (that is, add sound in the animation properties), whether it is the system itself or insert external sound, turned into WMV video files are silent.

WORKAROUND: Insert the sound by inserting the sound directly, setting the sound and object animation time to "simultaneous" in the Custom Animation pane.

Problem four: Insert background sound and set loop, turn into WMV video file, sound only play once, cycle set invalid.

Solution: Use audio processing software audio files to do replication and other editing work, so that the sound playback time to extend to the same time as the PPT presentation.

Problem five: Video and the original PPT playback is not synchronized

Solution: This may be because the computer is not configured high enough, PowerPoint 2010 to convert video is too strenuous, you can try to switch to a high configuration of the computer to convert.

In addition, Powerpoint 2010 provides us with the optimization of the audio files in our presentation, and we can click on "file-info" to see the "Optimize Media compatibility" and "Compress media" options in the pop-up menu.

Icon: Insert audio in PPT

Diagram: Optimizing Compatibility

Diagram: Optimizing the processing process

We introduce the steps to convert a PowerPoint presentation directly to a video file using Powerpoint2010, and the audio problems and related solutions that you may encounter during the conversion format.

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