How to uninstall Windows system

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Many people who have just finished installing XP and Windows 7 systems may ask if I want to replace the system first and then reload it. Or My computer to reload the system, there is no need to uninstall the original system? This article is to help those who just use the computer to solve these questions, if you are a computer master, then you do not need to know these, you can look at the other articles of our site, basically as long as the system aspects of the problem can find the answer.


How to uninstall the WinDOS system

Generally speaking, our computer is a single system. To uninstall the system, the fastest way is to format the system on the disk, such as a single system, our system is stored in C disk, you just need to format the C-disk off on the line. Note that if you are a single system, and you format the C disk, then your system will not be used. And if you don't have a system disk, your computer can only reload the system by taking it to a computer store or buying it for a CD.

Single system people to install the system, you only need to download a system, and then put the system in C disk, will automatically format the C disk to remove the previous system. Do not consider removing Windows systems.

And the two system people, to delete the system must know what you want to delete the system, the system is stored in which disk, like to know your system stored in which disk, just need to search on your system windows, change files on that disk, that disk is the system disk, and then you want to delete the system on the disk format on the line.


There is no need to uninstall the system

For the Novice computer, there is no need to uninstall the system, you do not like the system, you can download a favorite system on our website, and then download to the location of the non-system disk. Then double-click, basically can complete the installation system. Such a new system is complete, you do not have to uninstall the system.

The above is about how to uninstall the WinDOS system, there is no need to uninstall the system. For a novice computer, you do not have to manually uninstall the system, because this may cause your computer does not use the system, want to change the system directly download a installation on the line, generally you do not set the system will be installed in the default C disk, covering the previous system.

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