How to upgrade Mac OS X snow leopard to Lion for free

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Introduction to snow leopard


Lion Introduction


Can snow leopard be upgraded to Lion for free?

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Mac OS versions: 10. x.y

For example, 10.5.0 and 10.6.0

Among them, upgrade y for free, such as 10.6.0 -- "10.6.8

X upgrades charge fees, such as 10.5.0 -- "10.6.0

The cost is usually several hundred US dollars.


It's a good deal for the lion to spend $30 this time ....

I will also discuss how to upgrade for free.

First, you must confirm that your system does not have a Windows partition. Otherwise, we recommend that you install a lion and then create a Windows partition.

Black Apple upgrade is not recommended...

The method is simple. You can find a download point for the official lion version and the upgrade package 10.6.8.

You can download the 10.6.8 upgrade package here. I just mentioned 10.6.0 -- "10.6.8 is free of charge.


The official version is available on VC:


The method is simple:

1 install 10.6.8

2. Restart the machine.

3. Install lion

The installation takes about 40 minutes ..

After installation, the PL page is displayed .. It looks like Ubuntu special effects ....


The MACOs installation method is very simple. Double-click DMG and insert it like a virtual optical drive, and then runProgram..

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