How to Upgrade OpenSSH to 6.4 in CentOS 6.7

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How to Upgrade OpenSSH to 6.4 in CentOS 6.7

I. Environment Description

1) Operating System: CentOS 6.4 64-bit

2) Openssl version: 1.0.1e-15. el6. Since openssh_6.7p1 is upgraded, the OpenSSL version must be 0.9.8f or later, so you do not need to Upgrade openssl here. Upgrade openssh directly.

3) Openssh version before Upgrade: openssh-5.3p1-94.el6; Openssh version after upgrade: openssh_6.7p1 (source code installation)

4) Connection Tool xshell 4. To prevent timeout, disconnect the connection.

Ii. Upgrade sshd to OpenSSH-6.7 and delete old version ssh

1) preparations before Upgrade

Download openssh-6.7p1.tar.gz


Back up the ssh configuration file:

# Mv/etc/ssh. bak

Check whether the package is missing

# Rpm-qa | egrep "gcc | make | perl | pam-devel | zlib-devel"

If you have configured yum, you can directly install these packages using yum to check whether the packages are installed.

Yum-y install gcc * make perl pam-devel zlib-devel

Uninstall the old version of openssh

# Rpm-e 'rpm-qa | grep openssh'

2) Compile and install the new openssh version.

# Tar zxf openssh-6.7p1.tar.gz & cd openssh-6.7p1

To disguise the version information displayed by ssh, first modify the version. h file:

#./Configure -- prefix =/usr -- sysconfdir =/etc/ssh -- with-pam -- with-zlib -- with-md5-passwords

# Make

# Make install

3) Check whether to upgrade to the new version.

4) copy the startup script to/etc/init. d.

# Cp/root/openssh-6.7p1/contrib/RedHat/sshd. init/etc/init. d/sshd

Add to startup

# Chkconfig -- add sshd

5) start sshd and use start or reload. Do not restart. restart will disconnect directly, but will not start the sshd service. In this case, you need to enter the machine through other channels and then start the sshd service.

If xshell4 cannot be connected, modify the configuration so that xshell4 is supported by default.

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