How to upgrade from Xeon 5500 to Xeon 5600

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Yesterday, Intel officially released its 32-nanometer 6-core server processor Xeon 5600 series, which is oriented to the mainstream dual-channel server and workstation market to replace the previous generation of product Xeon 5500.

For existing Xeon 5500 server users, the biggest benefit of Xeon 5600 lies in the use of the same platform and chipset. Therefore, you do not need to change the motherboard, but only need to refresh the BIOS to upgrade, this improves the performance by up to 60%.

A few days ago, Intel released a group of images, and engineers completed the upgrade from Xeon 5500 to Xeon 5600 in just five simple steps:

Step 1 _ open the server chassis and remove the heat sink installed on Xeon 5500

Step 2: remove the Xeon 5500 processor installed on the server

Step 3 _ install the Xeon 5600 processor on the server (ensure that the BIOS of the server board has been updated to the appropriate version)

Step 4 _ apply the heat dissipation grease to the installed Xeon 5600 Processor

Step 5 _ install a radiator on the installed Xeon 5600 Processor

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