How to use a computer at the same time two people

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With the development of computer technology in recent years, computer performance has begun to show a serious excess of state, especially in the CPU, dual-core or quad-core has become the standard, but very few people can fully use their full performance, too much of the core is no doubt wasted. So how to hold the entire performance of the computer?

At present, a computer virtual into two software has many, such as: VPC and other virtual machine software. However, the simplest use of the most simple is to belong to the Betwin tow machine software. The principle of betwin is to build multiple virtual terminal environments in a PC running Windows, so that users can get multiple Windows terminals with comparable host performance by adding a display, display card, keyboard and mouse. Betwin allows a single PC to add up to four end users.

The test platform used the first two days of a colleague wrote a set of controversial APU HD6850 configuration, in which the controversy focused mainly on the graphics card can not be mixed with the set, and wasted the performance of the set of explicit. However, the software used in this article can fully utilize the two graphics cards in the configuration.

The next step is to prepare for the first two sets of monitors and the mouse to connect to the host, and in the BIOS to set the APU set as the main video card, so that after entering the system, will recognize two video cards.

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