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Fishing small drugs are used in fishing lures, lures or food-promoting substances, is the ingestion of luring substances and feeding stimulated substances collectively. It uses the fish's highly sensitive sense of smell and taste, lure fish to swim around the bait, stimulate fish appetite, improve fish feeding speed and food intake, to promote the completion of the process of knowledge feed, to increase the amount of fishing to achieve the goal. Small medicine is good but if used improperly will cause a dead nest, there is no fish in the nest. Fishing small drug classification so that we have a comprehensive understanding of the small fish, how to use the small fishing drugs? The following small drug use season and add amount and so on to introduce some of the use of fish fishing tips.

First, fishing small drug form:
There are many kinds of medicine, liquid, powder-like!
Liquid small drugs are: medicinal wine, liquid flavor, corn flavor, shrimp oil, silkworm pupa liquid, bait, etc.
The powder State has: egg milk incense, six grams of incense, very fragrant lure, strawberry fragrance, Tibetan fragrance, pig breast milk, acid lure and so on

Liquid and powder-like small drug in the use of the difference, first, the liquid small drug in addition to medicinal wine, generally diluted with water, add the amount of general control in the 3%--5% effect the best! Powder-like small medicine, general purity is too high, the amount to be small and liquid, generally 0.5%--2% small drugs are generally extracted from high-purity spices, most of them imported, for example, we often use the "mouse medicine" is a kind of imported spices 101, this spice is very pure price is about 2000 yuan per kilogram , some bait manufacturers come back to add some cheap spices, into a compound type of reduced costs to be sold in small packaging!

For example, we often use in the field of "Old blue Crucian carp" inside the taste of the soul is the standard egg milk incense! Fishing King's "crazy fishing 1th" Inside add is the standard grain incense, and a small amount of imported corn powder, the Japanese pill nine "unparalleled" inside the soul taste is the taste of deep sea fish meal!

The example above tells you, as long as there are small drugs, any group of bait, can adjust the taste of their own, for example, I use granular feed and snow pollen increase tablets super lure, add wire drawing powder out of the bait, if I add 3% dry milk flavor, basic my bait is "old blue crucian Carp" taste, if I add 3% The corn powder taste is "crazy fishing 1th", if I add 20% of shrimp powder, taste and "the" Shadow of the "sword fishy" taste similar. The addition of small medicine, is the theme of the Taste of bait

Second, under what circumstances use small medicine

Small medicine used to be used in the bait factory, to the merchandise bait to taste, after the bait factory basically have their own competitive team, the players are installed in the secret weapons of various manufacturers throughout the country to play competitions, publicity, small drugs began to popular!

1, fish in the extreme fright, the appropriate addition of small drugs will have unexpected effects, for example: Last year, more than the White River, electric fishing more, many people in the White River harvest is not good, I went a few times, the feeling is the fish, has been extremely frightened, the smell has been degraded, to use a very strong taste of the bait, To lure the frightened fish into the Jinwozi! So I added a proper "pig breast milk" in the bait, the effect is not the same, fishing very happy!

2, the fishing position is crowded, the fishing field many people's time! For example: competitive competitions, the interval of each group of fishing is 1.5 meters, in this case, the taste of the bait to have certain characteristics, so in many flavors of the bait, to highlight their own taste of bait, can be left and right players of the fish are tempted to their nest, is the best bait! Wild fishing is the same, when more people, may wish to add a secret weapon in the bait, according to the above, according to the month to choose the taste of bait to match, there will be no general effect!

3, when the weather is extremely cold (generally minus the time) cold days, fish smell degradation, slow swimming speed, this time, to use the weight of light, there is a taste of the bait! To add a lot of small drugs (powder-like small medicine not more than 10%)

4, the hot weather, heat, low pressure, fish or do not like openings, this time to use fermented bait, acid-shaped, wine taste of the best ~

5, the water is very deep, the depth, the taste of the bait will be rushed some, according to the month above, the right choice of small medicine taste! Reasonable collocation, will be a miracle!

Three, different seasons to use different small drugs

First of all, we must first understand the different seasons fishing with bait The general principle is what, first to find the general law, and the Taste of fish love to eat, in the consideration of the bait add what medicine, improve the rate of fish! Fishing to pay attention to the season and the weather, 3--5 months, 6--9 months, 10--the next February with bait a different, 3--5 months of the bait to nutrient-rich, big fishy incense, 6--9 months to pure fragrant Valley more, more with strawberry-shaped bait, October to the next February, the north to use animal protein fishy bait, Bait color bright and dynamic better, summer fishing time bait should be open the soft some, so that the entrance with the fish!

Let me illustrate:
"3--5 months of food to nutrient-rich, big fishy big incense" This time to choose shrimp powder, spices mixed use, for example: 15% shrimp powder plus 5% crown for 2nd, 20% of the mix of small drugs added to the bait is big fishy incense! Crown 2nd is the standard milk fragrance, plus shrimp powder fishy, is a group of standard fishy bait!

"6--9 Month to pure fragrant Valley incense More, more with strawberry-shaped bait" this time, generally in the bait add 5% strawberry flavor, or 10% pill 93rd, bait generally with a large proportion of pure incense bait ratio, such as blue Crucian carp, old crazy fishing, 918! Add the drawing powder, add super lure adjustment state is OK!

"October to the following February, the north to use animal protein fishy bait" This is what we call the winter, the general bait inside to increase the amount of shrimp powder! In the auxiliary dot, silkworm chrysalis powder or Silkworm chrysalis liquid, fishmeal, shrimp oil! You can do it!

Here we go! Liquid medicine inside refers to the medicinal wine! Wine, in the water volatilization rate, as well as in the water penetration is the biggest fastest, want to lure fish fast, when you open the bait do not forget to add 5% of medicinal wine! He can give you a bigger taste of the bait! has a certain flavor effect! (My personal favorite with medicinal wine, alcohol and a good thing is that add more will not die Jinwozi)

Four, the right way to open bait small drugs

With a measuring cup 100CC as the standard, dry powder base bait 100, generally add about 3% of small drugs! Before opening the bait, use 100CC of water to dilute the small medicine, in the bait pour, quickly stir evenly!

Shrimp Powder Type Small medicine, do not dilute, direct and dry powder base bait stir, then add water can!

Medicinal wine, liquid small medicine, directly added to the bait 100CC water in the bait will be poured into, quickly stir evenly!

Extreme fishing method, can put, egg milk, shrimp powder, such as small medicine, pour in the bait tray, pull bait after dip, then throw like water!

Extreme use method, off Carp, pellet feed for the base bait, can use pure medicinal wine to open bait, without water!

How to use a little fishing pill

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