How to use a magnet to turn off the built-in display of Macbook Pro/air

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Many of the fans using Macbook Pro/air in their daily work will be external to a large screen display, the author is the same. But by default, the laptop's built-in display and the large external monitor will be on, and if you want to use a dual monitor (the laptop's built-in screen as a secondary screen), it's really good. But a lot of people just want to use a large screen display, so they want to shut down the laptop's built-in small screen completely to save power. What do we do?

If you just want to completely turn off the small screen, you can directly cover the Macbook Pro/air lid, and then press any key on the external keyboard, or move the mouse to wake the computer (some manufacturers of keyboard or mouse may not wake up, but the official Apple 100% can), at this time as long as not to lift the lid, Then the laptop's built-in monitor is completely off.

But there is another situation, we all know that the Apple touch pad is very useful, using the above method, because the lid has been covered, want to use the touch pad is out of the way. So how can you keep your Macbook Pro/air's built-in monitor off and touch-pad? It's not hard--all you need is a magnet (a refrigerator sticker, a magnet buckle that's cut off on a discarded bag), and a magnet on the edge of the Notebook ( Please move on your own to find the point of triggering sleep, the author's MacBook Pro is as long as the magnet is placed near the left headphone hole can be, MacBook Air may not be the same position.

After finding the point that triggered the laptop to sleep, the computer will immediately go to sleep, then move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard to wake the computer. You will find that only the larger screen will light up, and the small screen built into the notebook will be completely closed. In fact, this principle and lid on the notebook lid is the same. How's that? It's practical!

PS: If your Macbook notebook is older or weak, it is highly recommended that you completely close the built-in screen, and you will find that the overall speed of the system will be smoother. And in the summer, turning off the built-in screen also helps to reduce the heat of your computer, and you will feel a significant decrease in fan speed, proving that the calories are reduced.

PSS: If in peacetime you want to temporarily turn off the Macbook notebook display (including external and built-in), you can directly use the shortcut key Shift+control+eject (disc eject key) to quickly shut down, the computer does not go into hibernation, just turn off the monitor.

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