How to use ADSL shunt to save speed and reduce traffic cost

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Now many schools through Proxy Server cache technology to reduce flow, which can not but say is a good way to make full use of resources. But more schools in order to save the network cost of shielding a considerable IP address, only allow access to some sites, which for the full enjoyment of network resources, undoubtedly brought a lot of inconvenience. If you choose to use ADSL streaming technology, then you can ensure the network speed, reduce network traffic, save costs. Hope that the following content can bring you help!

Solving method

In terms of ADSL, the current ADSL access mode provides two kinds of terminals, one for the Internet café users, one for home users. This program to the ADSL Home access mode (for schools in any way can be) as an example, the LAN through Proxy server to the Internet, in order to reduce the conflict domain and not affect the speed, we put the proxy server on a switch port.

Server hardware requirements: Cpu:pⅲ1ghz or K71.2ghz (or higher) (more than a user, and want to achieve faster response to multi-user, recommended multiple CPU server), memory 1GB (or more). Dual network card: One with the real IP address (ADSL is now automatically assigned to the Telecommunications Bureau) and the Internet, another piece of local area network with the IP address connected to the intranet.

Server Software requirements: Server Agent software can use Microsoft Proxy, also can be used Supperproxy or Ccproxy special software, its set method is relatively simple, recommended after both, one can be charged and can monitor, shielding other ports only stay 8080, 21, 1080 and so on the necessary ports. The system software can be windows2000/windowsnt/windows XP.


1, not only save IP resources, but also in proxy server using cache technology, so that each campus network of computer access to the resources stored in the proxy server's hard disk, and then have the machine to access the same resources can be directly read from the proxy server, which can reduce traffic, Improve network speed and make full use of resources.

2, log diary, for clients to visit the site we can, in addition to online monitoring, observe the current user's activities.

3, this method for the campus network has a high security, proxy Server can also play a role in the firewall.

4, the use of some professional proxy software can also bind Ip/mac address, such as IP and Mac can not correspond, the proxy server denied access to network resources, restricting the user to modify their own IP problems.

This solution can solve all the current TCP/IP based network connection mode, can share modem, ISDN, ADSL, DDN, VDSL and special line and so on to access the Internet.

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