How to use Baidu browser to translate English web pages

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Baidu Browser is a very smart Web browser, presumably now using the browser's users, but in our daily browsing site, will inevitably encounter English website, for poor English users, can use the Third-party translation plug-ins to the content of the Web page translation, So how to translate the English web page in Baidu Browser? Look at the following small series to provide you with the Operation Method Bar!

Operation method

1. Open Baidu Browser, see the top right there is a briefcase small icon, the mouse put up to show as "Application Center";

2. Click on this Application Center, which is a number of applications, for many are very practical, they have the time to see more, now we see the left a few columns of navigation, which is the second "utility tool";

3. Click to open the utility, and then pull down the scroll bar, a closer look, you will find that there is a "Baidu translation" tool;

4. Then click "Install", click OK when prompted;

5. After installation can be in the Address bar this line of the right to see a "translation" of the word icon, that is, Baidu translation;

6. Then open a Web page, such as the need to translate a paragraph of text, directly selected first, and then right click, choose "Baidu translation ' XXXX ... '";

7. Then automatically appears a box to display the translation result;

8. Or see a paragraph of English, the same operation, you can get the Chinese translation;

9. You can also click on the translation box in the upper right corner of the "Baidu translation", into the new page of the independent translation page, so that each word corresponding to the translation of the words are explained;

The above method is small series for you to provide Baidu browser translation of the Web page method, although small series for you to provide this method can not be translated to the entire Web page, but for users with sentence translation needs, but also very good!

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