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We all know that Baidu has a high weight on its products, commonly used are: Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Bar, Baidu Video, Baidu know, Baidu Library, etc., if the successful use of these platforms Baidu Network marketing or SEO, then we can get the traffic will be very considerable. And it will bring us a higher degree of trust. But the higher the weight of the platform, the higher the demand for us, because Baidu as a search engine, must be fair and impartial to treat every webmaster, so we want to use Baidu to implant our marketing, is a very difficult thing, then we talk about how to use Baidu Encyclopedia for marketing.

Baidu Encyclopedia is called a free and open encyclopedia, it means that as long as the user has Baidu account, you can for a keyword or a certain thing to create Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Encyclopedia covers almost every area of the industry, because Baidu Encyclopedia of content is to bring together the wisdom of hundreds of millions of netizens, So the content of Baidu Encyclopedia is very reference, and very easy to get the trust of netizens, so for us SEO, in the end what encyclopedia can bring to us? Let's look at a successful case of using Baidu Encyclopedia.

Baidu Encyclopedia mainly divided into text description and picture display two parts, Baidu Encyclopedia of the content of the audit is also very strict, if you hastily implanted in the encyclopedia of their own ads, or obviously in the picture to add their own brand name, it is difficult to pass. But not completely unable to pass it? The answer is No. Let's explain separately.

One, the description part.

1. Make full use of the text description in Baidu Encyclopedia for marketing. This requires us to skillfully implanted, to make Baidu feel unlike advertising, the following is my observation of the sprinkler industry I engaged in the "sprinkler" Baidu Encyclopedia:


With my experience in the sprinkler industry, Dongfeng Sprinkler, Dongfeng Day Kam Sprinkler, the liberation of water trucks, such as Futian sprinkler vehicles, such as the name is a popular term, the country any sprinkler manufacturers can produce this kind of car, it is not brand words, but the picture in the red box in the south June watering car is different, A brand name that belongs to a company, but why does it pass? Mainly because it has its own brand words hidden in these non-brand words, so Baidu is not recognized, then if users see this article Baidu Encyclopedia, you may remember the name of the south June sprinkler, if the user turned to Baidu to search, This is not the formation of a marketing process?

2. The use of Baidu Encyclopedia reference function successfully implanted site links. Baidu Encyclopedia has a reference function, it means that if you have some good content on other platforms or websites, you can quote it, then take millet technology as an example, the Millet technology Baidu Encyclopedia has a reference content from the Millet Technology official website, please see the following figure:


The logo in the red box in the picture is the reference function of Baidu Encyclopedia, if you cite success, then the following reference will appear in your reference to the content of the URL link, which is equivalent to your site to add a high-quality outside the chain, you can make your site to obtain a higher degree of trust. But the premise is that your reference content is either high quality or high credibility of the authoritative site, otherwise you will be difficult to pass.

Second, the picture part.

The use of their own products in the special Encyclopedia of Image Publicity is also a good way. Although we upload the image in Baidu Encyclopedia can not add our company logo or brand name, but generally we picture shooting itself with the company's brand name or logo, generally will not affect the adoption. For example, our company's network marketing staff in the sprinkler Baidu Encyclopedia successfully joined our company's logo:


In the picture is my company's logo, vaguely able to see the brand name of our company, such pictures can also be passed, so we can try to Baidu encyclopedia to do some similar brand name marketing, if the user in this face to see our brand words, then we acquired Brand Trust is very high, Because many users also think Baidu Encyclopedia is Baidu official things, generally is the business organization is unable to modify the contents of the content, which for our enterprises is to kill two birds with one stone.

Baidu Encyclopedia a very good marketing platform, but the premise is that we have to have professional knowledge of the industry, clever implantation of the idea of advertising and selfless dedication of the three combined, do not simply for advertising to do Baidu Encyclopedia. Only pay is rewarded, Baidu can not casually let you implant ads. If you want to see how I do SEO, please click on the link to the source of the article. This article by Hubei Chengli sprinkler offer, reprint please respect the original information.

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