How to Use CSS to extract titles and use ellipsis to represent excess parts, css ellipsis

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How to Use CSS to extract titles and use ellipsis to represent excess parts, css ellipsis

How to extract titles using CSS and use ellipsis to represent excess parts:
Suggestion: writing code as much as possible can effectively improve learning efficiency and depth.
Many websites have this effect. When the news title is too long, a part is usually intercepted and a ellipsis (...) is used at the end to indicate the part to be truncated. Of course, this effect can also be done by background programmers. Of course, the front-end staff can also achieve this effect by using CSS, which saves a lot of background Code and is quite a bit small. The following describes how to achieve this effect. The code example is as follows:

<! DOCTYPE html> 

The above code achieves the desired effect. Set the text-overflow attribute value to ellipsis.
Note: overflow: Den den and white-space: nowrap must be set to take effect. Otherwise, the text will overflow or generate line breaks.

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