How to use Lenovo ThinkPad Little Red Hat

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the advantages of Little Red Riding Hood :

1. Increase productivity
Save time by letting your hands touch the touchpad or mouse without leaving the keyboard. If you use the touchpad, although you will be the highest sensitivity, diagonal left upper right, or you must brush with your finger two times, Little red dot no this problem. /h2? 0 n! B1 p
2. Labor-saving, ergonomic
Just a slight slant on the finger, you can move the position, not because of the long time use of the touch pad to make the index finger skin thickening, also do not have to use the mouse for a long time caused by the pain of the hand bowl.
3. No more mouse on the go
NB is to carry!! Use the mouse to carry more than one mouse, occupy a space. Every time in the narrow space on the plane, see someone put the mouse on the palmrest of NB to slip, feel very pitiful.
4. Power saving ' A4 P4 t ' q+ q9 L ' s& V
If you use a wired mouse, the optical mouse now uses light to locate and even use lasers, which has to be powered separately: If you use a wireless mouse, you have to use a different power source for wireless transmission, whether using Bluetooth or RF. There is another drawback to using a wireless mouse, always worrying about whether the wireless mouse battery is out of power. (m+ g#?; ^ N6 A, e% e
But the shortcomings of the red dot is the use of the door, it takes a little time to learn to use, once you get started, definitely better than the touchpad or mouse, which is why many people use the Little red dot on the addiction, can no longer leave the Little red dot.

Little Red Riding Hood tips for common use:

1. Pat Red dot = left mouse button, clap two small red dots = left mouse button Double-click 1 @ "A9 ~ P5 B2? ' J
Accustomed to touch pad users, must be "pat touch pad = left mouse button, clap two touch pad = left mouse button Double-click" The way quite familiar, in fact, Little red dot can also do so!!

Step 3:
Press Settings ..., the next press-to-select-settings-window appears, make the Enable Release-to-select tick, and click Pace to select the leftmost slow press, which is important, otherwise "   Tap Little Red dot = Press left mouse button "not easy to succeed." # W7 H) ^7 Z; y/u& g4 L M8 U K

This completes the setup, ThinkPad USB travel Keyboard with Ultranav can also be set.
Some people set it up, still find it difficult to control, found that tapping the red dot will cause the cursor drift, the problem is: "Use the small red blanket will drift, small WD will not drift."
The actual use, the force to some pinch, the normal movement of small red dots, the use of the fingers do not need to make small red dot sag, but if you use small red dot the left mouse button, you must let the small red dot "really" concave can be, as long as the index finger slightly raised, the natural fall of the finger force is enough to let the This allows you to simulate the left button.
2. Use the red dots to simulate "previous page" and "next page" (I have no test success at this time, but there is no requirement for the time being). Y) G h$ L1 c. r/j* Z
ThinkPad keyboard above and below the key, there is a unique "previous page" and "next page" design, this is a controversial design, there are several problems:
A. If you use the Little red dot to browse the Web, in order to return to the "previous page" and the use of this key, is bound to lift the right hand, use the index finger to press "previous page", or the index finger still control the small red dot, use the little finger to press "Previous page", are not very convenient, and many users in the use of the next key to edit the article, accidentally press "And the result is not submit the article just like this disappeared!!: I; m$ ^! Y4 ~* Z:w

B. Other brand NB, most will these two keys put PgUp and PgDn, if use of other factory brand NB and switch to ThinkPad, will be not accustomed to the two keys. To change the two keys to PgUp and PGDN, refer to the
(original) How to change ThinkPad's "previous page" and "next page" to "PageUp" and "Pagedn"? (Notebook) (THINKPAD)

$ W9 d& l-t/R ({
Let's get the Little red dot to control the "previous page" and "Next Page" method as follows:
Prev = Shift + small red dot down + middle key; ~ u,]* S4 C9 H2 {) @6 B8 j
Next = Shift + Little Red dot up + middle key
The only thing to note is that the small red dot downward and upward pressure to pinch, if the force is too big, will go back to the last two pages, so as long as the slightest click can, do not need to contribute. "K3 to M x/h/[0 P" P0 Q
3. Use the red dot to open a new webpage! R5 C $ l; v+ I
IE7 support paging, in order to open the page in a new page, there are two ways: *}$ D9 P; U ' x/g% ~ z:m ' L5 B
1.Ctrl + Left R5 v! Y0 t/r& o:m7 T5 l# q& I
2.Ctrl + tap the red dot (must be set first as the Secret 1 mode)
% j* ~ M s# O. e$ V3 |$ K) X3 p$ H
To open in a new browser, there are also two ways to:& i! M! V;? $ F7 n! i8}) u$}
1.Shift + Left: w-u4 x8 C2 f+ D
2.Shift + tap the red dot (must be as secret skill 1 side is set first) + J. | 4 J: ^& X4 H. I4 S8 E

4. Use small red dots in IE7 zoom in/r* T7 "& q:s-U5 M2 H; \
1.Ctrl + middle key + Little red dot up = Zoom in
2.Ctrl + middle key + Little red dot down = Zoom out 7 C "' & G" M ' b* a5 v$ Y (A3 z# Z!) V H

5. Drag the step 1 with the Little Red dot:
Fn + F8 Call mouse/Little Red dot setting
Step 2:: e& E2 D R (p% S8 L; _; Y
Switch to TrackPoint and the Enable Press-to-select tick. 6 E2 F, O! _. Z2 ^
Step 3:% v%}/Z; g& H0 ^* P-?
Press Settings ..., the next press-to-select-settings-window appears, the Enable dragging tick

This completes the setup, and ThinkPad USB travel Keyboard with Ultranav can also be set. $ O; F6 I: ~# G8 Q, m! [. N. H
The way to do this is when you select the text, the small red dot tap (to reach the degree of depression), the edge of the small red dot to move the position, to the position you want to release the Little red dot, I must admit that this method is more difficult, the use of the left-hand way to drag easier to get started

How to use Lenovo ThinkPad Little Red Hat

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