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What is screen sharing? For example, sometimes we often need to look at the same computer screen together, and then do some PowerPoint presentation or communicate with a program, the better way is to use the projector, but if there is no projection? Then we need to use the software, this will be used to screen-sharing software.

There are some video conferencing software, there is this function, but the disadvantage is: the software is too large, installation trouble, not free. It's not worth it for people who need only one of those small features. Today, a small series on the internet to find a "Inletex Easy meeting Classic" software, after the use of very good, and also let me surprise--free!!! The following small series on this software as an example, teach you how to use screen sharing.

INLETEXEMC LAN screen share software use tutorial

 Program Run main interface

The image above is the first main interface of the program, if you want to be a training host, that is, if you want others to be able to see your screen, click the first icon on the left. If it is a client (to see the trainer's host screen), run the software on your machine and click on the second icon.

  Select as host (training host)

If you use the mouse to click the first button on the left, you will see the dialog box above, then the host has begun to serve, just wait for the screen of your computer to connect to the people.

(Dialog This box shows you as the training host IP address:

Please note: This host's IP is very important, you need to enter the IP on the client computer to connect to your host.

When a client connects, the client will be able to see your screen, and your dialog box will display the client name and IP address that came in, as shown below:

As you can see from the image above, there is a client IP for the Li Xiyuan user connected to the host, he can already see the host screen.

  Select as Client (Viewer host)

If you use the mouse to click the second button on the left, you will appear in the above dialog box, you need to enter (Your name) your name and (session IP) Host IP address, this session IP is the trainer host IP address, our host IP is, so enter this IP, the input is complete, the following figure:

After the input, the mouse clicks the "Join Session" button, you can see the host computer screen, the following figure:

Click on the left number of the third button, you can exit, click on the Fourth button, you can full screen, the following figure:

 How do I exit Full-screen mode?

Here hint, after entering full screen, want to exit Full-screen mode, the need in Full-screen mode, the mouse to move to the top of the screen, will pop out of the full Screen button bar, single repulse out full screen button.

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