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This tutorial teaches you how to use PS to easily and quickly create beautiful colorful backgrounds. The production method is very simple, and the background produced by the tutorial is also very beautiful. We recommend this course to my friends who like it. you can follow this course to learn how to use PS to quickly create beautiful colorful backgrounds. the method is very simple, the background created by the tutorial is also very beautiful. I recommend it to my friends at the foot of the house. those who like it can learn together!

The UI design of the texture of the IMG on IOS 7 is quite popular. the background images found elsewhere cannot always match the ideal color. here, I will teach you how to use psto create a background image that is super simple and perfectly compatible with your own interface style. The premise for making such background images is to understand certain color theories, and to have a pair of eyes that are sensitive to color matching.

The background image is shown as follows:

  OK. Let's get started.

  1. select a color scheme

I chose the image below as the inspiration for the color scheme. Because of the obvious background color contrast, we can better set off the transparent effect. Therefore, we tend to choose images with large color changes and wide distribution.

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The color scheme draws on the following colors: the red color of the bell peppers, the dark green color of the green skin, the light green color of the grapes, and the yellow lemon. In addition, the dark wood desktop in the image is used as the background color. the background color plays a role in setting off other colors, if the area of your other color blocks is large, you can hardly see the background color, but you can feel it. (Hey, can you understand this mysterious "invisible but perceptible ?)

Some people also suggest using black or white backgrounds, but I think the image itself is much richer than black and white, while pure black or white is too regular and conservative.

  II. create a background image

  1. create a file

Here, I want to create a background image to adapt to the display on the mobile phone screen, so my PS file size is set to W: 640px, H: 1136px, fill the background color as the dark color in the color scheme-background color.

2. create a new layer on the background layer and paint the first color with a large soft paint brush.

 Note the following:

1) it is best to put the paint brush in place in one step. do not hesitate. After a soft paint brush is colored, there will be a very abrupt boundary beyond the canvas, which will not help you to move the layers after the paint brush is colored. In other words, the use of a large and soft paint brush is a step-by-step positioning, and the chances of modification is too small.

2) the paint brush size I selected here is PX. the actual size depends on the size of your drawing board and actual needs.

(3) the transparency of the paint brush is reduced to 70%, which enables true "fusion" between different colors ".

3. create a new layer and apply several other colors. The color distribution varies with your preferences. But note that it is best to create a new layer for each color and rename different layers for future modification and adjustment.

4. Combine the red, yellow, and green color layers into a layer to make a deformation of the entire layer.

(Ctrl + T> right-click> deformation) the purpose of deformation is to make your colors more natural and not to piece together a circle, it presents a sense of flow. At this time, you will use the operator bar in the graph to change the pattern you like.

5. at this time, the image may be relatively dark for you, so you can adjust the color order to highlight and enhance the color comparison of the image.

6. further modification. such modification is casual. Based on your own expectations, you can use erasers such as erasers and adjust layers to further convert the image into the desired result.

7. to enrich the color of your image, you can copy the color layer and change the mixed mode of the copied layer to "Soft Light" or "overlay ". And adjust its transparency as appropriate.

  III. use background images

There are many ways to make such images, but this is the simplest way for me. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun in creation.

This is the effect after the project is actually used. the color blocks and lines used on the background image need to be less transparent. I believe that you can follow this method to make better works.

At the end of the tutorial, the above is how to use PS to quickly create a beautiful colorful background. is it very beautiful. Make a friend you like!

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