How to Use ghost for serial port (SATA) Hard Drive

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Many catchers have asked if they can use ghost for SATA hard disks. When using ghost to back up the system, they may have encountered such a situation. After starting the system with a floppy disk or a CD, when using ghost. after the EXE command, the system is black and crashes. Does ghost not support SATA devices? Can't we back up the system after using a SATA hard disk? The answer is whether the SATA hard disk can also be used for cloning, but the operation requires a little skill.

First, let's analyze why the system crashes normally. Generally, the SATA hard drive board supports i865pe (beiqiao) + ich5r (nanqiao) chipset. However, due to the limitations of the ich5r nanqiao chip, it is used in the Win9x, WINNT, and dossystems, one of the IDE channels is unavailable, which is why the system stops responding after ghost is started, because ghost cannot determine whether the IDE group is available in the system. After knowing the cause, we can take the right medicine. Generally, the BIOS of the 865 motherboard provides an option to block a group of IDE channels, so that the system still recognizes only two groups of IDE channels, the following uses the Asus p4p800 motherboard as an example to describe the operation method in detail: (the following methods are the disc Boot Mode)

1. a sata hard disk is mounted on the sata1 interface, and a cdrom is mounted on the primary ide interface (set as the primary disk ):
A) Start the system and enter BIOS settings. Select ide configuration from the main menu.
Change onboard ide operate mode to compatible mode
C) in [enhanced mode support on], select [primary P-ATA + S-ATA]
D) after the BIOS is restarted, you will find that there are only four ide devices in the main menu. The [primary ide master] is [CDROM], [primary ide slave] is [none], [secondary ide master] is [IDE disk] (your hard disk model), and [[secondary ide slave] is [none]
E) run the ghost command after starting the disk and entering dos.

2. a sata hard disk is mounted on the sata1 interface, and a cdrom is mounted on the secondary ide interface:
As long as you change [primary P-ATA + S-ATA] to [secondary P-ATA + S-ATA] in step 3 above, in this case, the system regards the sata1 and sata2 devices as [primary ide master] and [primary ide slave].

3. If you use a Sata-supported motherboard, but do not use a SATA device, some BIOS still enable the SATA channel by default, at this time, the use of ghost to back up the system will also lead to a black screen, so we also need to set it in the BIOS to block the SATA channel, or in step 3 in the first case, change [primary P-ATA + S-ATA] to [P-ATA ports only], when the system will block the SATA device, you can use it as a general motherboard without a SATA device.

The above is a summary of some small experiences when I use SATA devices and ghost, and I hope it will be useful to you.

The same is true for the motherboard of the other model, but the options in it are not enriched by Asus.

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