How to Use ghost to implement LPT dual-host cloning and how to use ghost to implement LPT dual-host cloning

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How to Use ghost to implement LPT dual-host cloning and how to use ghost to implement LPT dual-host cloning

Currently, each computer has an LPT interface. Can ghost be used to perform dual-host cloning through the LPT interface? In fact, to achieve the LPT dual-host cloning, you must use the boot disk boot system that supports the LPT interface. Now let's take a look at how to create an LPT boot disk.

1. Choose "All Programs"> "Norton Ghost2003"> "Norton Ghost" from the Start menu to open the "Norton Ghost2003" window. Click the Ghost utility button in the left pane, and click the Norton Ghost startup wizard button in the right pane.

2. Open the "Norton Ghost boot wizard", select the "Standard Ghost boot disk" option in the disk type list, and click the "Next" button.

3. On the "Norton Ghost startup wizard-Other Services" Wizard Page, you can select various startup support combinations. Select the "LPT support" check box in the "peer options" area and click "Next.

4. Open the "Norton Ghost boot wizard-DOS version" Wizard Page, where you can select the DOS version used to boot the computer, by default using the PC-DOS version.

5. On the "Norton Ghost startup wizard-Ghost executable file location" Wizard Page, set the location of the Ghost main program file. By default, it points to the installation directory of Ghost2003. You can edit the path on your own. In addition, you can edit the parameters used for Ghost execution in the "parameter" edit box. You can leave this parameter empty and click "Next.

6. Open the "Norton Ghost startup wizard-target drive" Wizard Page, prompting you to select the disk to be created and the number of disks to be created using the current option. Keep the default settings and click "Next.

7. On the "Norton Ghost startup wizard-Review" Wizard Page, view the details of the boot disk to be created in the middle text box. After confirming that there are no mistakes, insert an intact floppy disk into the floppy disk and click "Next.

8. The format disk dialog box is displayed. After formatting the disk, no data loss is incurred. Click Start. The system prompts that the formatting operation will cause all data on the floppy disk to be lost. Click OK to start the formatting operation. After formatting, click "OK". Return to the formatting dialog box and click "close.

9. The system starts to create a boot disk and writes necessary files to the boot disk.

10. After the creation is complete, click "finish" on the automatically opened "Norton Ghost startup wizard-completed" Wizard Page to exit the wizard.


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