How to use IBM Rational method composer to document you for IBM Rational Team concert

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How to use IBM Rational method composer to document your team process for IBM Rational teams concert

This tutorial teaches you how to configure IBM Rational method Composer to use the same Eclipse instance (shell-sharing) in the IBM Rational Team Concert client and upload it from the rational Met Hod Composer The process template generated for Jazz team Server.

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About this article

This tutorial, for IBM Rational method Composer and IBM Rational Team concert users, will teach you how to share IBM Rationa in the kernel of IBM Rational team concert clients L Method Composer and uses a new generator to upload the process template for the Jazz team Server that is generated by Rational method Composer.


If you want to complete this tutorial, you need to:

Know how to use a new incubator to generate process templates and output the Rational method Composer process to the Rational Team concert.

Understand the value of using rational method Composer to record your process to use the rational method Composer.

Know how to use rational method Composer to model your process and how to map it to the Rational Team concert application.


For this article, let's say you have a basic understanding of rational method Composer and rational team concert. Again, let's say you already know how to install, create, and start these environments. We'll show you how to create a method plug-in, method configuration, and the basic steps of the delivery process using the rational methods Composer, so you can record how you want to work with your team concert. Let's say you already know how to create a Project area with Rational Team concert, and how to change your process configuration program. Therefore, if you are a Rational team concert user and are looking for a better way to record and communicate the development process, this article is tailored for you.

System Requirements

In order for the steps described in the next section to work smoothly, we assume that you have

You have a jazz team Server that you can use, and you know where to access it, and in addition you have a user account with developer permission and a jazz administrator's identity license.

IBM Rational Team Concert Client 1.0 is installed on your computer;

IBM Rational Method Composer 7.2 ifix3 is installed on your computer, and either has a valid trial license or has a fully activated product available. (You can activate your Rational method Composer installer by using the activation code provided to you by your vendor.) This must require a valid trial version or a formal product license, because the code you downloaded for this tutorial will check the license, and it won't work if the Rational method Composer 7.2 is not installed and activated on your computer.

Brief introduction

Most software development teams follow a process that, at least, deals with informal protocols for debugging vulnerabilities, search requirements, and other requirements. Some teams may have agreed on meeting and communicating on the Web site that provides the environment. Other teams may follow formal records and management processes that are rigorously enforced and implemented in some organizations to run a project and learn from the results. In this way, they obtain and document the best practices from these experiences.

Without considering the level of application to the rules of a process, successful teams have their own processes and continue to develop them, believing that their processes can help them improve the quality of their software. They usually know which processes need to be strictly adhered to, and which processes can be as strict as the tube.

For both formal and informal processes, Ibm® believes successful development requires two main factors: 1 All team members have a common understanding of what the process is, and 2 implement the process of reaching an agreement in unison. The ibm®rational® agency also supports these requirements with two solution components:

Ibm®rational®method Composer. This tool allows you to capture and maintain your process description in a number of human-readable formats: These formats include informal, text-based, wiki-style summaries of your decisions, and a semi-formal process model using activation charts and terminating work structures. It includes Rational scenario libraries and process examples that can be referenced in knowledge transfer and can be used to build modules for your own processes.

Ibm®rational®team Concert and its Jazz team Process components. This tool helps you to formally define and manage your process program. Rational Team Concert is a measurable, scalable teamwork platform that enables seamless integration of tasks within the software lifecycle. Its processing component, which allows you to define role-based permissions and rules, and to execute workflow for work items. Its formal process configuration determines the behavior of Team concert, and this behavior guides your teams along the path of appropriate process execution. Support and ensure your process in such a tool-centric way, as a time saver, efficiency boost, and safety net.

Two programmes are complementary to each other in the area of common understanding and coordinated action. Rational method Composer focuses primarily on modeling and documenting processes in a human-readable way, but does not support the execution of these processes due to the lack of a configuration normalization and run-time engine. The Rational team concert supports the definition of a formal process configuration method that is understood and executed through a process component that controls the behavior of the component, but it provides some simple descriptive attributes for some of its configuration elements. The process is also not outlined, so users have to open the regular process editor and examine each rule to understand what the process is.

Used together, however, rational method Composer and Rational Team concert overcome these drawbacks by providing a summary of the formal process of human readable text as well as image forms, which allows you to go after the processing decision to record any What is the reference to the additional background and learning materials? You can record your values, principles, and operation descriptions for your process. You can provide examples, templates, checklists for products, and standard tasks that you use continuously, how to describe them, and how to summarize your responsibilities. All of this material can be found in any of the Rational Team concert development environments that need it. Also, you can use Rational Team concert to perform the process that you use the Rational method Composer to model. Your process has worked in the execution of your team and the rational teams concert, and the rules that you define in Rational group concert can help you improve the important aspects of the recording process. The combination of rational method Composer and Rational team concert enables you to take another step along the path of "saying what you are doing and doing what you are saying" to follow the principles of the important process.

This tutorial introduces a further extension to rational method Composer 7.2 ifix3, which allows you to generate a formal process template based on process modeling and to record and then publish the process for Jazz in the rational Composer The team Server files are uploaded together. To allow rational method Composer to communicate with Jazz team Server, you can reuse some of the components of the Rational Team Concert for communication, rational method Composer Need to be installed in the Rational team concert Eclipse kernel process. The result is a rational team concert environment shared with rational method Composer, with all the features of rational method Composer, and new features for generating process templates.

Now this integrated version is limited to creating the role definition of the Jazz process template, the development line interruption, and contacting the published Web site, and other parts of the template will be generated based on the user customizable default template content.

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