How to Use kettle's official website to find out how to set the carte service, kettlecarte

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How to Use kettle's official website to find out how to set the carte service, kettlecarte

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Use the Kettle community to find information: for example, to find the configuration of the carte service

Search kettle and enter the kettle community as follows:

After entering the Community website, find kettle's document option and click, as shown below:

Drop down to the lowest end, find the key items you want to search for, and click to enter, as shown below:

The following describes how to configure the carte service in win:

The content is excerpted as follows:


There are some use cases to run Carte as a Windows Service:

· When Carte instances are running using a command window, anyone by mistake cocould close the instance and Carte will go down.

· The Carte. bat command window is tied to the user session that called the batch file and needs to be kept logged in.

· With a Windows Service you can start the Carte service at machine startup and also configure it to restart after a crash.

After you completed the below instructions, you are able to get Carte running as a Windows service like this:

Installation Instructions

1.Download YAJSW(Yet Another Java Service Wrapper) from Sourceforge: (these instructions were written and tested against YAJSW version 11.03)

2.UnzipThe file into a suitable folder, e.g. C: \ Pentaho \ CarteService.Note:This shoshould not be created below any other Pentaho Kettle folder since it is independent of the Pentaho Kettle Version and makes it easy to upgrade to ure Kettle versions (see also chapter "Upgrade Instructions ").

3. When you unzipped YAJSW, you have e.g. a folder C: \ Pentaho \ CarteService \ yajsw-stable-11.03. We recommendRenameThis folder to C: \ Pentaho \ CarteService \ default. the reason for this is the possibility of having multiple deployments on one machine, see chapter "Multiple Instances of Carte on one Machine ". another reason is that you do not need to change any references to this folder in case you upgrade to a later YAJSW version.Note:We will reference the YAJSW directory in the following instructions as <CarteServiceFolder>.

4.DownloadThe preparedWrapper. confConfiguration file (attachment to this Page ).

5.CopyThe downloaded wrapper. conf<CarteServiceFolder> \ conf \ wrapper. conf(Replace the existing one ).

6.Edit the wrapper. confWith a text editor and change the following entries manually (you can search for your convenience for the markers ### InstallerOrModify ### within the file ):




Wrapper. working. dir


The working directory of Carte. Please mind to changeBack slashesTo forward slashes or double back slashes in the file path!
Note: If you defined OS environment variables you may access these directly within the configuration and use for this parameter. windows environment variables are converted to lower case. therefore even if you use e.g. PATH on your computer you have
Call $ {path} in the configuration file.

Wrapper. app. account


The user account the Carte service will run. When nothing is given here, it starts as the Local System account. Please check with your system administrator about the right user settings. Please mindRemove the leading '#'In case you enter a property here.

Wrapper. app. password


Password for the given account. Please mindRemove the leading '#'In case you enter a property here.

Wrapper. java. command

Or$ {Pentaho_java_home}/bin/java.exe

The Path to your java.exe. Please mind to changeBack slashesTo forward slashes or double back slashes in the file path!
Note: When you used the installer, a PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME system environment variable has been set. This variable can be used in this context but needs to be given in lower case.

Wrapper. app. parameter.3

The Carte listening IP Address (or dynamic configuration file), see Carte User Documentation for more details.
Note: In the case ofDynamic cluster configuration, Please replace wrapper. app. parameter.3 with the location of the cluster configuration file (e.g. wrapper. app. parameter.3 = C:
Slave_dyn_8083.xml) and remove wrapper. app. parameter.4.

Wrapper. app. parameter.4


The Carte listening port, see Carte User Documentation for more details.

Wrapper. java. additional.1


This may vary depending on your needed memory.

Test your Configuration

1. Execute <CarteServiceFolder> \ bat \ runConsole. bat

2. When everything is configured correct, Carte starts up as usual.

3. Check if you can login to Carte from your Browser on your local machine, e. g. http: // localhost: 8081

4. When the test went successfully, you can stop Carte with selecting "Stop" in the new yajsw system tray or with Ctrl-C in the console window.

Install Carte as a Service

1. execute <CarteServiceFolder> \ bat \ installService. bat (Attention: You shocould run this as Administrator depending on your operating system and security restrictions. otherwise some unusual behavior cocould arise later on, e.g. no log files are produced .)

2. Go the your Windows Services and you shoshould see the installed service (Pentaho DI Carte ).

3. You are able to change all settings (e.g. Startup type, Log on credentials)

4. Start you service as outlined in the chapter "Start and Stop the Carte Service" and check your installation.

Start and Stop the Carte Service

Additional to the user interface in the Windows Services, it is possible to start and stop the service by the commands startService. bat or stopServce. bat (in the <CarteServiceFolder> \ bat folder)
Or by the general Windows Service start and stop commands, e.g.
Net start pentaho_carte
Net stop pentaho_carte
Notes: You need Administrator privileges, eventually replace pentaho_carte by the setting in parameter wrapper. ntservice. name when this service name was changed

Logging and Monitoring

Logging goes by default to the file <CarteServiceFolder> \ log \ wrapper. log.
You may change this setting by the parameter wrapper. logfile to a different location/file.
Note: Please remember to clean up this log file depending on your needs.

It is also possible to get the console output via the YAJSW system tray. that is for displaying a status icon and menu on the desktop. to start the system tray, you need to run <CarteServiceFolder> \ bat \ systemTrayIconW. bat
You may create a link to start the try icon from the startup folder, so it gets started automatically on user logon by defining a link to the systemTrayIconW. bat

Further information can be found in the chapter "System Tray Support" of the YAJSW documentation (


If you want to uninstall the service, you can run <CarteServiceFolder> \ bat \ uninstallService. bat (with Administrator privileges)
Or the Windows own command: SC delete pentaho_carte
Notes: You need Administrator privileges, eventually replace pentaho_carte by the setting in parameter wrapper. ntservice. name when this was changed

In case you get the errorThe specified service has been marked for deletion, It normally helps to simply restart Windows.

Multiple Instances of Carte on one Machine

If you need more Carte instances on one machine, you shocould have separate folders of the <CarteServiceDirectory> and change the following properties in each wrapper. conf file to be unique (samples given ):
Wrapper. ntservice. name = pentaho_carte_8081
Wrapper. ntservice. displayname = Pentaho DI Carte Port 8081
Wrapper. app. parameter.4 = 8081

Additionally, you need to set

Wrapper. tray = false

Otherwise the startup throws an exception of multiple bindings of IP addresses. (This may be solved with a different configuration, but was not further investigated at the time of this writing .)

You may consider changing the CPU affinity of the process for each instance with the option wrapper. affinity

Advanced Options and Trouble Shooting

We gave minimal and easy install instructions here to simplify the initial setup. if you need more background, want to tweak different options, optimize settings, run into issues with YAJSW, please refer to the extensive YAJSW documentation over here: // your

Pentaho Kettle Upgrade Instructions

When you upgrade to a later Pentaho Kettle release, please make sure to check or change the reference wrapper. working. dir to your Kettle folder within the wrapper. conf file <CarteServiceDirectory>/conf and eventually the wrapper. java. command.

YAJSW Upgrade Instructions

When you upgrade to a later YAJSW release, please make sure to safe and replace the wrapper. conf file located in <CarteServiceDirectory>/conf and eventually the log files within <CarteServiceDirectory>/log.


This documentation is maintained by the Pentaho community, and members are encouraged to create new pages in the appropriate spaces, or edit existing pages that need to be corrected or updated.

Please do not leave comments on Wiki pages asking for help. They will be deleted. UseForumsInstead.



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Original works, from the blog of "Deep Blue". You are welcome to reprint them. Please indicate the source (Http://

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