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Maybe a lot of users like me have a feeling, even if their own network bandwidth is very large, in downloading some foreign documents is very slow. In fact, there are many reasons for this problem, but the solution is very unified, that is, the use of offline downloading such functions for the curve download. Because Pcloud is a foreign cloud storage, so in the geographical location has a unique advantage.

First login to the Pcloud Cloud storage Site page, then click on the upper right corner of the gear set button. In the pop-up "Language" submenu select Chinese, the operation interface into the Chinese interface to facilitate the operation behind us. Now click on the "Upload" button on the left side of the interface and click on the "Remote Download" tab in the Pop-up admin window below. In the input box to set up a foreign file download link, click the "Upload" button can be downloaded offline. The file download progress can be seen through the Organizer window, and the file is automatically stored in the root directory after the download is complete (Figure 1). Next tick the file, click on the file name after the Gear button. Click on the "Download" command in the pop-up menu so that the file will be downloaded to our computer by curve.

Folder sharing is more convenient

Since downloading to the good content, then must share to own friend, is the so-called solo music not if the public lele. Like other cloud storage services, Pcloud can also share files. But a file to share a document, the operation must be very troublesome. Instead, we create a dedicated folder directory where all the files that need to be shared are moved to this folder. This allows you to share all the file information by sharing the folder.

First click on the page in the upper right corner of the "New Folder" button, in the pop-up dialog box to set the name of the shared folders, set the completion of the click "Build" button. Next select the file you want to share from the list, click the "Move" button in the toolbar, and in the pop-up dialog box, select the newly created folder directory. Click on the "Share" button after the folder name, select "Share Download Link" In the pop-up menu, and then you can see the system-generated shared link in the pop-up dialog box (Figure 2). However, because this shared link is relatively long, we recommend that you click the "Get Short link" button. Click the "Generate Link" button in the pop-up dialog box to create a short shared link (Figure 3). Finally click the "Copy to Clipboard" button on the back and share it with your friends. You will only need to continue copying the files you are sharing to the folder, and you can download them without changing the shared link.

Backup of cloud storage data

Although the use of cloud storage is very convenient, but also unavoidable data loss, so it is important to backup the data stored in the cloud. In the traditional way, you first need to download the files to your local computer and upload them to the new cloud storage space. This approach is time-consuming and cumbersome, so the best way to do that is to back up the cloud directly. So how do you use Pcloud to backup operations on your data?

Also first click on the top right corner of the page Gear button, in the pop-up menu click the "Settings" button. Select the "Connected Account" tab in the Settings page that pops up, where you can see well-known cloud storage including Onedrive﹑dropbox. If a user wants to make a data backup, it is now necessary to authorize the relevant authorization operation. For example, click on the connection button behind the OneDrive, which will eject an authorization operation window. In the window to enter the OneDrive account and password, click the "Login" button to connect to the Microsoft server, and then click the "Allow" button to complete the relevant authorization operation can (Figure 4).

Next click the "Backup" command on the left side of the page to find the name of the cloud that needs to be backed up from the list, and then click the "Start" button at the back. The page will then pop up a prompt window and click the "Set Backup" green button below to continue (Figure 5). This pcloud will start getting the files from the specified cloud storage server and starting the backup operation. If the file is large or bulky, the operation may not end in a short time. At this point, the user can turn off the browser busy other things, so that does not affect the data backup operations. After a while, open the Web interface and see a "finished" hint that the backup is complete. And later, when the user uploads files to these cloud stores, Pcloud will continue to back up the newly added file information.

Small tip:

If users do not want Pcloud to continue backing up the files, they need to return to the backup page and click Stop behind the specified cloud storage to turn off the automatic backup feature.

Uploading files for better sharing

In general, it is easier to share files through the cloud, but it is cumbersome to receive files shared by others, because cloud storage usually restricts the space that files upload to others. And to receive other people's files, you need to be online when you can. And now just want to open a folder upload permissions, other users can upload files anytime, anywhere in our space, so that we can directly and share to other friends.

First create a new folder directory, click on the folder name after the "Share" button, in the pop-up menu select the "Shared Upload link" command. Then set up a message in the pop-up dialog to make it easier for friends to understand the purpose of the folder (Figure 6). When the setup is complete, click on the "Generate" button, the pop-up dialog box can see the upload email address and upload link two ways, and then two ways to send a link to their friends (Figure 7).

Later when friends open this sharing link, click on the "Browse Profile" button, in the pop-up dialog box to select the file to upload, we can receive a friend to pass the file. In addition, you can also enter the e-mail address of the upload email, and then add the file to upload to the location of the mail attachment. When the email is sent out, the files in the attachment are uploaded to our cloud storage space.

Small tip:

If you open a folder to both upload and download permissions, such a friend after uploading files, other friends can immediately download the operation.

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