How to use Photoshop to correct distorted photos

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1, select the Constraint tool, in the upper left corner of the building click to create the first constraint point, and then click to create the second constraint point in the lower-left corner, and a constraint line automatically appears between two points. A similar method is used to create a constraint line on the walls of the shaft and the right side of the building.

2, click on the constraint line on the left to enter the activation state, the activation state of the constraint line will display a circular rotation control handle. Drag the control handle to adjust the constraint line to a vertical state, correcting the outer wall on the left side of the building. Hold down the SHIFT key to drag the control handle to rotate it in an integer angle.

3, hold down the SHIFT key to continue to adjust the middle axis and the right side of the wall vertical. Then using the above method to continue to draw horizontal constraint line correction horizontal line deformation problem, generally 5 to 7 lines can get very ideal results. Press and hold the SHIFT key to adjust the level of each constraint line, and then click OK.

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