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Here to you like a friend of clothing painting to introduce the use of Photoshop to deal with fashion painting Some of the techniques, which I have accumulated in the work of a little experience, I hope to play a role.

One, contour chart

1 first hand-painted contour on the white Paper, note that as long as line drawing, do not apply the tone. Line strokes can be diversified, can be thick and thin lines, can be traced, according to personal preferences.

2 Scan the contour map into the computer.

3 the contour layer to copy a layer, the original layer filled with white, the duplicate layer named "Contour line."

4 the "contour layer" to adjust the brightness contrast (menu-edit-adjust-brightness contrast), the final look, the background is white, the line is black on it.

5 Use the Magic wand to click on the white part of the contour layer-and then right click-Select similar--Take all the white selection, after the selection of all white parts to clear, so that the last computer in the contour line, the other parts are transparent, in the back of the map, the requirements of the "contour layer" on top, and always put on the top.

Ii. selection of constituencies

1 Enlarge the picture (enlarge the tool)

2 The use of the Path tool (pen) to the various parts of the characters are accurately sketched out 1 coat parts, 2 under the clothing section, 3 Human skin parts, 4 accessories, 5 hair (can be more detailed according to needs), and then transform the path into a constituency storage.

3 The reason for the selection is for the next several changes, in the selection of the use of the path tool can be done more detailed, you can also use other "constituency tools" such as "lasso tool."

Scan the Baimiao manuscript into the computer, and handle the contrast of the Ming.

Third, the human skin's descriptive

1 Create a new layer, name this layer "skin layer", and this layer is loaded into the body part of the selection-the selection feather 3 pixels] (Note the picture size requires 200 pixels/inch)-and then select the foreground color as skin color.

2 in this layer, the use of the foreground color filling, so that all skin parts have color, and then use the deepening and Dodge tool to the skin of the light and dark relationship to draw out (this is the sketch of the technique, here is not much to write).

Paint in a selection and use the burn tool to draw the light and shade relationships in this layer, with the selection tool selection cheek section and feather 20 pixel, then menu-image-adjust-color balance to adjust blush, similarly, the eye in the light and dark relationship, the petty color balance adjusted to lavender, in order to and the clothes echoed.

After creating a new layer, use the selection tool to draw the hair selection, and feather (10 pixels) and then fill in magenta (what color do you like to fill in what color) use the Dodge and deepen tools to draw the hair of the light and dark relationship, after painting in the filter hair Gaussian blur, go to the selection after the Smudge tool (small hands) Touch the edge of the hair to make it feel like a flap.

After creating a new layer, the menu--select--load the selection, load the jacket's selection, feather 2 pixels, then fill in the color you like and use the Dodge deepening tool to draw the chest of light and shade, draw the shading of the dark and dark relationship, the clothes on the decorations with pencil tools to paint your favorite color, and draw a dark relationship and highlights ( Shawl and skirt with the same blouse) from menu-select-load the selection to load the tiara's constituency, create a new layer, fill in the color, with the Dodge deepening tool to draw the light and shade, in the skin layer with a deepening tool to draw a new skirt layer, the skirt of the painting with the blouse, but to the selection of a larger feather, and then fill in the color, draw the shade, Using filters-Blur-Gaussian blur, blur the dress that paints the light and shade, and at the hem, spray a little white on the pen to make it change. Finally use the Pen tool to draw the light of the decorations. Click on the Pen tool, and then click on the Brush property bar above the pen brush to adjust to 800 pixel diameter, hardness of 0 spacing of 1, garden degree of 0. Then paint the light in the parts of the jewelry, and then adjust the pen brush angle, draw the other direction of light, adjusted three times after the final figure effect.

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