How to use Photoshop to make a lovely cloth text effect

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As we all know, fonts are an important part of graphic and web design. It can help to emphasize the beauty of your design work, enhance your information expression, and cultivate strong emotional connotations. Reasonable font design can convey a lot of interesting things. Here we do not discuss the source definition of the font, talk about making text effects appear more intuitive. What else is more promising than using Photoshop to make text? Just a little time and energy, you can turn almost all the ideas into beautiful works!

Today, the PS tutorial shows you how to create a text effect on a textile type in Photoshop. Come on, let's make the text effect we want with interesting tools and techniques!let ' s go!

  Final effect Diagram

Figure 00

Before you make a formal text effect, here's how to use the package:

  How to add a downloaded pattern texture in Photoshop

  Download the material required for this tutorial:

Fabric Patterns by Webtreats

Lace Brushes by Merrypranxter

Unzip the file to get a folder, there is a. pat file, under the Photoshop Paint Bucket tool, select paint Type "pattern", the design panel on the right side of the icon to select "Load pattern", the just. pat file copy over, click "Load" on it.

Figure 01

  How to add a downloaded brush in Photoshop

Similar to the above, you have downloaded an. abr file, download the brush in Photoshop, copy the file into the folder, click Load, OK.

Figure 02

  Final effect Diagram

Figure 03

First step:

Open Photoshop to create a 800*600 px file.

Figure 04

Step Two:

Let's start with the background. Paint the background with the paint bucket tool to color #95cde0.

Figure 05

Step Three:

Select the background layer, click Layer > Layer style > Pattern overlay, and add one of the above fabric patterns. Change the blending mode to overlay and set the opacity to 65%. You can also double-click the background layer to get the Layer style panel. If your background layer is locked, double-click to unlock it, so you can modify the layer style.

Figure 06

Fourth Step:

Create a new layer (layer → New or click the "New Layer" button under the Layers panel), and use a round hard side brush with random colors to draw a few small circles on the canvas, changing the blending mode of the layer to "darker color."

Figure 07

Fifth Step:

Now, let's start making fonts. First we will create the shadow text, so select the Type tool to add text and fill the color #313131.

Figure 08

Sixth step:

Select a type layer, and then click Layers > Layer styles > Pattern overlay Now, choose another fabric pattern, adjust the opacity to 12%.

Figure 09

Seventh Step:

Now click Layers > Layer Styles > projections, and as shown in the following figure, we add some shading to the text.

Figure 10

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